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Why Publicity Is Important

Publicity is a necessity in the world of volunteer work. If you look at it as tooting your own horn, it develops a negative connotation. But if you can view publicity as a way to reach out to people in need and people who can help you in your efforts to do good, then you will have discovered a treasure that provides an unending supply of resources.

The Quota club of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, held a rally for women’s safety awareness last year in response to a highly publicized murder involving a Quotarian. The rally aimed at preventing similar tragedies by teaching safety, but it would have been useless without publicity. No one would have learned the safety measures if they hadn’t learned the date, time, and place of the rally and, then, attended. So, the club made a very effective push to spread the word throughout the Tulsa area through television, radio, newspapers, flyers, and posters.

The result was a resounding success as the crowd learned about safety and the club grew stronger through work on a meaningful project. And people learned about Quota’s unique way of making a difference—a great way to recruit and retain club members, who, then, provide more hands to do good works.

Because of the many ways publicity strengthens clubs, The We Share Foundation has prepared several resources to help clubs in their efforts to spread the news about their activities.

Polish and Shine

Put a professional sheen on your news releases before you send them to media outlets. Click here for details.

Publicity Kit

Our detailed directions and ideas for publicity and public relations will help your club improve its image in the community and get recognition that keeps club members coming back for more. Click here to view or print out Quota’s club publicity kit, Publicity Pointers.

Sample News Release

Before you sit down to type out your latest news, click here to check out this sample to help you write and format your release.

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