For Clubs

Updating Membership Records and Membership Forms

Adding New Club Members/Reinstating Resigned Members

Please report new and reinstated club members with payment on a monthly basis. When Quota International receives a Membership Form and payment, we send our Member Welcome Package (new members only), update our database, and thank the Quota member who sponsored your recruit.

All new members pay the U.S.$10 initiation fee. The amount of dues your new member also pays is based on the date that the member joins your club. Dues are prorated on a quarterly basis. Please calculate your payment using the chart on the Membership Form. Information on where to send Membership Forms and payment are located on the form.

Removing Club Members/Correcting Member Records

Please use the Member Information Change Form to correct or update a member’s record, to report the resignation or death of a member, or to change the status of a club member who qualifies for “member-at-large” status due to relocation. Print a Membership Information Change Form.

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