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How to Prepare and Calculate Club Dues Payments

STEP 1: Watch your mail!

The South Pacific Area of Quota International will mail your club’s annual dues statement in August. The dues statement will be accompanied by (1) your club’s current membership roster on file at the Quota International Office and (2) filing procedures. If you do not receive this packet by September 1, please contact South Pacific Area Liaison Beris Pritchard (

STEP 2: Please give these documents to your club’s treasurer.

Please ask your treasurer to complete and submit these documents (with payment) so that they will be postmarked on or before October 31. Start collecting dues from your members as early as possible so the documents and payment can be turned in before the deadline, preferably by October 1.

STEP 3: Update your club’s official membership roster.

The club membership roster we send to you must be corrected and returned with your club’s dues statement. Please make all member changes, corrections, additions, and removals ON THIS ROSTER. We appreciate the effort that goes into preparing personal club directories or member lists. However, WE CANNOT ACCEPT THEM in place of the official membership roster we mail to you because of processing delays and increased costs that result from proofreading personal club directories against our database.

Please check your official membership roster for:

  • Former Members

    Draw a single black line (NOT felt pen) through their names, and state the reason for their removal (i.e., resignation, death). (Note: members in good standing who relocate to a geographic location without a club qualify for member-at-large status. For details, click here.)

  • New and Reinstated Members

    1. Write in the names of all members whose names do not appear on the roster (include the dues payment date for those members for whom pro-rata dues have already been paid).
    2. Complete and attach a copy of the Membership Form included in your dues statement mailing for each new member. To print a form, click here*.
    3. Include the initiation fees (U.S.$10 per new member) for new members.
    4. Please include prorated dues and a membership form for members who joined LAST YEAR (prior to October 1) and were not previously reported. (This is in addition to including FULL dues for this member for the current Quota year.) These prorated dues need to be paid in Australian dollars with a club check according to the information provided to the club at the beginning of each quarter.
    5. Include the name on the membership form of the current club member who sponsored the new member.
  • Incorrect Member Information

    1. Check all current member information carefully.
    2. Write all missing or corrected member information ON THE ROSTER (i.e., name change, new address, work phone, home phone, fax number, e-mail address).
    3. Include postal codes and area codes.
    4. Be sure that the information is legible and complete (for example, whether a phone number is intended to be work, home, or fax).

STEP 4: Complete your dues statement.

Thank you for checking your calculations! In addition to submitting membership dues for all members, please be sure to include the Advance Convention Fee and any member initiation fees, late fees, or donations. Your dues statement includes special lines for you to specify funds and record amounts if you would like to make a donation. Please remember that any donations included in your bank draft are made in U.S. dollars. Donations may be made in Australian dollars with a club check and included with your dues payment.

STEP 5: Prepare your club payment.

Prepare your payment with a U.S. bank draft (payable to “Quota International, Inc.”) by asking at the bank for a bank draft for the total amount in U.S. dollars and paying for it with a club check in Australian dollars. (This amount will reflect the current exchange rate).

STEP 6: Mail your payment to the South Pacific Area Office of Quota International.

Please mail (1) your corrected official Membership Roster, (2) your completed Dues Statement (make a copy for your files), (3) your payment (which includes any late fees), and (4) a club check in Australian dollars for any pro-rata dues owing for new members to:

Quota International Office
P.O. Box 205
Margate, QLD 4019
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