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Submitted by Anna Lou Holt, 2003-2004 President of Quota International of Plateau Area, West Virginia, U.S.A

While QI of the Gold Coast members were in the U.S. for Convention, Plateau Area members arranged to have dinner with them, so they could meet their Friendship Club match. Pictured here are Plateau Area members Sue Phillips and Betty Walker with the Governor of District 30, Kaye Voltz (center).

Our Friendship Club is Quota International of the Gold Coast of Australia. After sending several letters, we began communicating via e-mail and learned so much about their club and the wonderful work they were doing.

Since we have two members affiliated with the Fayette County (West Virginia) Bureau of Tourism, it was decided that a packet showing much of the scenic beauty of this area would be mailed to their club president. As the time for the International Convention began to draw near, we were told that some of their club members would be attending and that they would like to visit with us. Of course we were really excited about this, so through many e-mail messages, arrangements were made for us to meet in Pittsburgh at Convention 2002.

Now this is not as easy as you might think. First of all we did not know who we were looking for and second, there was a large crowd, and it was very difficult to get to see everyone. Finally, on the very last day of the convention at the banquet we met. Our Gold Coast friends planned to leave the next day and fly to New York, rent a car, and drive to Boston. Their plans were to stay in the United States for about four weeks.

At 7:00 a.m. on the morning of August 7, I received a call telling me that they would be in our area at 4:00 p.m. that afternoon! I “scurried” around, finding rooms, alerting the members of our club, and arranging for a dinner at one of our local restaurants.

I set the dinner date for 6:00 p.m. and, believe it or not, I had a wonderful response from my members: 14 Plateau Area Quotarians arrived! We met Thelma Medcalf of the Gold Coast Club and Kaye Voltz, Governor of the 30th District, and her husband; we spent a wonderful evening with them visiting until late in the evening.

From left to right: Kaye Voltz and her husband with Plateau Area members Jane Burk, Mava Whitlock, and Sue Phillips.

The next morning, Martha Aliff, our Treasurer, and I met them for breakfast. We first took them to the Visitor’s Center to view the New River Gorge and Bridge and then to Tamarack for (can you believe this!) biscuits and gravy (new to them).

Anna Lou Holt (left), President of the Plateau Area, presented Kaye Voltz (center), Governor of District 30, and Gold Coast member Thelma Medcalf a "key to the city."

We had a wonderful time, and we have made some new friends. We really feel this was an outstanding Fellowship Activity.

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