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Club Liability Insurance

The Quota International Office recommends that all clubs obtain liability insurance. Following are programs available to clubs located in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Quota recommends that clubs NOT located in one of these countries contact a local insurance provider.

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The National Insurance Scheme in Australia covers Australian clubs and is current from July 1 to June 30 the following year. The current agent is Michael Hansen of Direct Insurance Brokers, Brisbane, Queensland. South Pacific Area Liaison Beris Pritchard negotiates a premium renewal rate each year in April. Each club is invoiced in May and the insurance check must be returned to the Liaison Officer by June 30. Payment is based on the number of members invoiced as per the district membership summary on May 1. A late fee of $20 will apply if payment is not received by this date. A check covering all clubs is paid directly to the Insurance Broker by the Liaison Officer prior to June 30.

Prior to June 30, the Insurance Broker will mail directly to each club a Certificate of Currency for the coming year. This Certificate is individualized to each club and must be filed safely. It is an important document and will be required by the club through the year for fund-raising activities.

The insurance premium covers public liability, personal accident, fidelity guarantee, and loss of club property. For more information, contact Beris Pritchard, P.O. Box 205, Margate, QLD 4019, Australia; email:; telephone: 07 32833006.


Canada’s liability insurance policy is with Ing Insurance in Toronto. Bell Insurance Agencies serves as the agent for the policy. Canada Area funds pay for the policy and the Canada Area Director bills each club for its share. Bills go to clubs after verification of each club’s membership as per the January dues statement and membership rosters. For more information, contact Canada Area Director Canada Area Director Marie Dobson-Dunlop at

United States

The U.S. liability insurance program is covered by the Rust Insurance Agency, LLC. The program is administered through the Quota International Office.

  • In August, every U.S. club will receive an information letter and form. All U.S. clubs are asked to complete and return the form, even if they are not purchasing the policy.
  • October 31 is the deadline for all U.S. club liability payments. A $50 late processing fee will be added to payments postmarked after October 31. All forms and payments (check or money order) should be sent to: Quota International Office, 1420 21st Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036. After payment is received, the Quota International Office staff will send the club its certificate of insurance and a special events questionnaire that must be filed before each event.
  • Forms and inquiries on special events should be directed to: William Simmons, Rust Insurance Agency, 910 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006. Telephone: (800) 235-1889, extension 313; Fax: (202) 776-1286.
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