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Club Dues, Fees, and Donations


Although any changes in club membership are to be reported to Quota International on an ongoing basis (for details, click here), club dues and fees are paid once a year:

  • 1 October:  Deadline for clubs in the South Pacific – Australia, Fiji, New Zealand – to pay membership dues and the Advance Convention Fee (US $200). Payments need to be postmarked by 31 October in order to not incur late fees.
  • 1 January:  Deadline for clubs in all non-SPA countries – Aruba, Canada, Curacao, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, the Philippines, Suriname, United States – to pay membership dues and the Advance Convention Fee ($200). Payments need to be postmarked by  31 January in order to not incur late fees.

Explanation of Club Payments

  1. Annual Dues – International dues, US $77 per member, are collected by clubs and paid once a year.
  2. Annual Advance Convention Fee – The annual US $200 advance convention fee is paid once a year by all clubs, whether or not they send a delegate to the biennial convention.  This fee funds international governance-related activities including the mailing of international election information, credentials, balloting and voting procedures, and proposed bylaws to all clubs. The fee also funds the annual mail ballot election process for election of area directors as well as international elections conducted on-site at convention and the absentee balloting process used by clubs that do not send voting delegates to convention.
  3. Donations – Member and Club donations can be submitted with dues or anytime throughout the year for Quota International’s two funds; the Wanda Frey Joiner Development Fund – supporting development and growth and the We Share Foundation – supporting international service.  Donations are also accepted for the Hand-in-Hand World Service Program.

Club Dues and Advance Convention Fee Payment Procedures

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