Tips for Voting Delegates

Have you ever wondered about the specific convention duties of your club’s voting delegate?

Before Convention:

  • Discuss with club members their preferences among new international officer nominees and decisions about proposed bylaw amendments.
  • Determine what type of post-convention report club members want. This will determine how comprehensive your convention notes should be.
  • Clarify your club’s voting procedures. Some Quota clubs want their delegates to vote for candidates and bylaws based on predetermined decisions made by the members, while other clubs request that their delegates make their own decisions after hearing presentations and debates.

During Convention:

  • Listen carefully to presentations on the subjects for which the club has requested a report.
  • Capture the spirit of convention and its events. Carry back to the club both the enthusiasm and the concerns raised that you believe should be discussed at the local level.

After Convention:

  • When you return home, compile and present a report based on the club’s instructions.

Quota International publishes annual reports on after convention ends. Be sure to direct your club members to this site to review the year’s accomplishments.

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