Convention Volunteer Opportunities

Non-voting convention delegates who seek an active role in convention may choose to participate in the Credentials Committee or the Elections Committee. Doing so is a wonderful way to share your expertise, network with Quotarians worldwide, and learn more about the workings of Quota International.

A place to indicate your willingness to volunteer for either of these opportunities is located on the convention registration form. Or, contact

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee monitors the “official” voting body, certifying all delegates who are eligible to vote during business discussions and reporting the daily voting strength of the convention. Committee members will meet for an orientation session at the start of convention. This meeting is especially important for those who have never served on the Credentials Committee.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee administers and monitors the entire on-site elections process for international officers. This committee is intense, but extremely rewarding. The bulk of service will center around election day, monitoring voting delegates, counting on-site ballots, and creating tallies.

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