2010-2011 Annual Reports and Installation 2011

The work of the board and the staff in 2010-2011 was directed in a significant way by the Creating the Quota of Tomorrow plan, which was officially launched in February 2010. The plan is comprehensive and includes steps for partnering with the board in strengthening existing clubs, launching new clubs, attracting new and younger constituencies to Quota, improving the training of our volunteer leaders, expanding Quota’s international service initiatives, rebranding the Quota organization, and expanding operations and communication to a more Web-based system while reorganizing and improving international operations. A seventh step, assessing Quota International’s structure and governance system, was added by the board of directors at its 2011 mid-term board meeting.

Our signature program, Club-to-Club World Service, is enjoying unprecedented success both in terms of donations received and the number of communities now served in Quota’s developing countries. In the past 12 years, the number of projects increased from 6 to 16 and overall donations increased by 87 percent. That expansion is expected to continue with the launching of the 2011-2013 programs: 19 project proposals were approved at the 2011 mid-term board meeting, and they have begun operating.

The 2010-2011 Quota year was successful fiscally in that both Quota and the We Share Foundation ended the year in a more positive position than budgeted. However, the likelihood of future continuing deficits was brought to the board’s attention at the mid-term board meeting. Board members subsequently began the process of evaluating Quota’s current structure and governance in an effort to find less costly alternatives. Our members showed their unwavering support of the organization by once again donating generously to Quota’s various programs. We reached 99.6 percent of our fund-raising goal of U.S.$154,000 because of the generous donations from our members, raising a total of U.S.$153,369.

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