Club Publicity Resources and Tools

Media Programs, PSAs, and Jingles

  • Media Programs

    View videos about Quota caring and Hand-in-Hand world service; also view and download recruitment and world service PowerPoint programs.

  • Quota Public Service Announcements for Television

    View or download Public Service Announcements that will raise Quota International’s visibility in your Quota community.

  • Quota Public Service Announcements for Radio

    View scripts for radio public service announcements that your club can customize and use to promote Quota in your community. Includes scripts for general recruitment, Quota Cares Month, special club event announcements, and healthy hearing.

  • Quota Musical Jingles

    Download these musical jingles created just for Quota International and use in creating your own club radio or TV public service announcements.

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    Club Publicity

    Does your club want to promote its Quota presence in your community? Do you want resources that you can use to interest potential members in Quota and your club? Quota’s club publicity resources and tools can help!

    Resources and Tools

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