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Practical Tips for Collaborative Clubs

Quota clubs around the world have learned the art of collaboration and often work with other organizations with similar goals. By sharing our workload as well as our resources, we increase the impact of our service projects.

Collaboration allows clubs to:

  • accomplish bigger goals
  • increase credibility
  • broaden support
  • help volunteers gain new strengths and skills

When Quota clubs work together with other groups, the benefits are tremendous for members as well as those we serve. But one disadvantage lurks in collaboration—one part of the team may not get recognition for their efforts.

For example, a Quota club may work diligently on a major project with another group—but the newspaper reports it as the other group’s project with little or no mention of Quota. Hard-working members are crestfallen; leaders are disappointed; and the public has no idea that Quota participated.

Publicity Is Part of Service

Of course, selfless, anonymous assistance is noble, but Quota clubs need publicity! It’s part of service. Let’s review the reasons why Quota needs to be in the news:

  • Publicity helps us reach out to others and share our service goals.
  • Publicity increases awareness of needs in the community.
  • Publicity helps clubs recruit and retain members.
  • Publicity attracts sponsors, donors, and helping hands.
  • And the bottom line: publicity strengthens Quota clubs!

Tips for Collaborative Clubs

  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of working with another organization, both practically and in terms of publicity. Can you foresee any pitfalls that need to be addressed before you work together? Do the benefits outweigh any less desirable aspects?
  • Work together from the start. Join another group’s project at the beginning of the process so that Quota members can help brainstorm for ideas and lead committees.
  • Be straightforward about expectations regarding publicity. Let the other groups know that Quota needs recognition for the effort, because it helps promote our service goals. By the same token, be understanding about the other groups’ needs for publicity as well. Remember: in Quota, we share.
  • Lead or assist with publicity efforts. Ideally, the publicity committee should include members from every participating organization to safeguard every group’s publicity needs. But, if that’s not how it is going to work, make sure a Quota member is on the publicity committee to remind everyone that we need recognition, too!
  • Make sure publicity offers a unified voice. Insist on one publicity effort for the entire project in order to make the message clear to the media. If several groups send news releases about a project to an editor, chances are good that only one group will get recognition.
  • Maintain Quota’s identity. This is the toughest part (and, frankly, sometimes impossible), but publicity efforts should indicate why Quota is involved in this project. Make it clear in news releases and other contact with the media that the project supports Quota’s service goals and in what ways it supports those goals.

Working together with other organizations is a beautiful thing-friends together in sunshine and in shade. Just keep in mind that what’s best for Quota is to move into the light.

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