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Club-to-Club World Service Receives Blue Ribbon Award

The United Nations Association of the National Capital Area (UNA-NCA) has selected Quota International’s Club-to-Club World Service Program as a winner of its Blue Ribbon Award for excellence.

Club-to-Club World Service is a program through which projects run by Quota clubs in developing countries can receive monetary assistance from other clubs and members throughout the world. It provides a way, for example, for a club in Sioux City, Iowa, to support work by Quotarians in Suriname or India.

The current Club-to-Club projects are located in four countries. They include the following: in the Philippines, two day care centers, a school for deaf teens, and a center to train parents to care for their handicapped children; in Fiji and Suriname, special education schools for deaf children; and in India, a home for abused women that provides job training and literacy programs plus a school for the children.

The award was presented to Quota International on October 28 during the United Nation’s Global Community Day program in Washington, D.C., where Quota headquarters is located.

The UNA-NCA offers the awards to recognize worthy programs, to encourage the members involved to continue their work, and to inspire other groups to follow their example. In selecting the Club-to-Club Program as a winner, selection committee chair Don Grubbs said, “This wonderful program of helping the hearing impaired in developing countries is inspiring.”

—Mary Margaret Yodzis, Senior Writer
© 2000

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