The Story Behind Quota’s Name

One item remained to be filled in on the articles of incorporation in February 1919 that would ultimately give birth to Quota Club International, Inc. (now known as Quota International, Inc.). That item—a proper name that reflected the ideals of the five original members whose motto was to be “we share.” They determined the name should be short, memorable, and not likely to be confused with any current organization.

One founding member, paging through the dictionary, came upon the Latin word, “quota,” meaning “a share of one part to a whole.” The founders latched onto this idea as a true reflection of their mission.

As Wanda Frey Joiner wrote in the first edition of the Quotarian in July 1919, “and how more appropriately could we have named a club to express our ideas and aims. Share and share alike. Cooperate and extend the hand of friendship and good fellowship to all members. Band yourselves together by links of unselfishness, loyalty, generosity, fairness, and comradeship, all five as many letters as constitute the name and you have a true definition of Quota.”

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