Travel Tips

Weather/What to Wear

Honolulu is a casual town with mild weather year-round; layers and smart casual clothes will see you through most situations. During the summer months, Honolulu enjoys warm days with highs in the mid- to upper-80s Fahrenheit (29º to 32º Celsius) dropping to the mid-70s Fahrenheit (24º Celsius) at night. Gentle trade winds keep even the warmest months comfortable. Attire for most convention sessions is business casual. Bring your party attire for the Installation Banquet, a more formal event per Quota tradition.


Oahu operates on Hawaii Standard Time (GMT-10 hours). If you are flying from the North American East Coast, please remember that you will gain six hours upon arrival in Hawaii during the summer months, because Hawaii does not observe Daylight Saving Time. If you are flying from the South Pacific, you gain a day as you fly across the International Dateline. For a time zone converter, click here.

Currency Conversion

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Tax and Tipping

There are two types of tax that affect visitors to Hawaii. Hotel rooms are taxed at 13.962 percent, which includes a special tax on accommodations. A Hawaii state tax of 4.712 percent applies to other goods and services, including restaurant meals. Tipping waitstaff at sit-down restaurants and bellhops and maid service staff at hotels is customary. Gratuity is typically added at a rate of approximately 18 percent when dining at restaurants in large parties.

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