Amazing Undersea Adventure

Canceled, as minimum participation was not met.
Friday, July 13
1:15 – 4:00 p.m.
Cost per person: U.S.$96

Plunge into a world of enchanting beauty and natural wonder aboard the Atlantis Submarine. Begin your excursion aboard the Discovery shuttle vessel for a scenic sail out to the Atlantis dive site. Once aboard the sub, you’ll dive more than 100 feet below the surface. Relax in the comfortable air-conditioned cabin (“premium seating” with larger windows and larger, more comfortable seats), and watch the breathtaking underwater seascape unfurl before you through large portholes. Schools of exotic fish in a rainbow of colors frolic and play among fans of undersea foliage waving gently with the current. Explore rare coral formations and the amazing creatures that call the living reef their home. Moray eels, giant sea turtles, and mysterious sharks are just some of the magnificent marine life you might see along the way.

Tour participants must be physically capable of descending and ascending a near-vertical ladder in order to ride the submarine. Children less than 36” are not allowed due to safety requirements.

To register for this tour, visit our tour company’s Web site.

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