Centennial Service and Growth Program

Quota’s 100th anniversary might not be until the year 2019, but now is the time to start preparing for Quota to continue to be a strong, flourishing service organization in its centennial year. The key to our strength is growing service, and one important key to growing service is new clubs! Through Quota’s Centennial Service and Growth Program, every member, every club, and every district can play a role in planting Quota’s seeds of service in new communities. You can help plant 100 more clubs in Quota’s garden by our 100th birthday, and doing so can reap financial rewards!

Program Highlights:

  • Organizers: Individual Quota members, clubs, and districts can serve as New Club Gardeners (organizers). Gardeners locate the target community (suggested within an hour’s drive of their own community), oversee the organizing process, and remain connected to the club as a mentor.
  • Service—The Secret Ingredient: The potential club’s Quota roots need to grow deeply within a community—not just on the surface. Organizing a service program in the target community at the start of the organizing process will show a deep commitment to the community and increase interest in Quota, helping sustain a successful club. Plan publicity efforts surrounding the project and subsequent “Get to Know Quota” events.
  • Club Size: In order to qualify for this program’s benefits (listed below), the organizer must recruit 20 new Quota members. Who can qualify as a “new” member? Individuals who have never been Quotarians—either club members or members-at-large—or those who have not been Quotarians in the last 18 months. Current members are welcome to join the new club, but their membership cannot count towards the 20 minimum new members required for the organizer to receive the benefits of this program.
  • Financial Resources: Successful Quota Gardeners will receive a U.S.$1,500 stipend upon chartering a club of at least 20 new Quota members (with U.S.$75 for each additional new member over the initial 20 members). When the club submits its second annual dues payment, Gardeners will receive an additional U.S.$500 if charter strength is maintained (with U.S.$25 paid for each new member over charter strength).
  • Timeline: Normally new club organization takes three to ten weeks. Centennial Service and Growth new club organization contracts expire in six months from the date of signing.

Fewer than 20 Members?

If the new club does not have 20 new members upon chartering (but has the required 15 to become a Quota club), the organizer will still be rewarded! To learn more about financial incentives for chartering a club with between 15 and 19 members, click here. Efforts that result in fewer than 15 members can qualify as a club branch. To learn more about this program, click here.

Getting Started

Here are helpful resources that will help you get started with planting the seeds of a new Quota club in your corner of Quota’s world:

Making Your Quota Club a Legal Entity (U.S. Clubs Only)

  • To print information about Quota International and its history that you can use in new club organization recruitment efforts, click here.
  • To print information about Quota International’s charitable arm that you can use in new club organization efforts, click here.
  • To print a copy of Quota International’s Club Success Guide, a resource that will help your club stay strong from the start, click here. To print a copy of Quota International’s +1 Club Planning Guide, another great recruitment and retention resource, click here.
  • To view a list of newly chartered clubs, click here.
  • To view a list of Quota International new club organizers, click here.
  • To contact Quota International about starting a new club, click here.

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