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District Officers

2013-2014 District Governors

  • Photo Not Available
    Elizabeth Osborne

    District 1
    QI of Princeton, Inc., WV, USA
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    Meghan Foulk

    District 3
    QI of Indiana, PA, USA

  • Betty Larivee

    District 5
    QI of Holyoke, MA, USA

  • Joan Finefrock

    District 6
    QI of Massillon, OH, USA

  • Marsha Stroh

    District 7
    QI of Waterloo, IA, USA

  • Lucy Tomberlin

    District 8
    QI of Valdosta, GA, USA

  • Susi Perry

    District 9
    QI of Santa Fe, NM, USA

  • Margie Webb

    District 10
    QI of Wilmington, DE, USA

  • Valerie Hall

    District 11
    Estevan, SASK, Canada

  • Liz Tadman

    District 12
    QI of Mountain View/Los Altos, CA, USA

  • Gwen Hogue

    District 14
    QI of Central Oregon, OR, USA

  • Mary Clarke

    District 15
    QI of Pawtucket, RI, USA

  • Kaylin Coody

    District 16
    QI of South Tulsa, OK, USA

  • Kathryn Bucierka

    District 17
    QI of Amherst, NY, USA
  • Photo Not Available
    Linda Kranich

    District 18
    QI of Orillia, ON, Canada

  • Virginia Bonometti

    District 19
    QI of Winchester, VA, USA

  • Yvonne Babe

    District 20
    QI of Iosco County, MI, USA

  • Kacee Kirschvink

    District 21
    QI of Shreveport, LA, USA
  • 22 Sandra Siemers
    Sandy Siemers

    District 22
    QI of Bismarck-Mandan, ND, USA
  • Photo Not Available

    Geraldine Sykes

    District 23
    QI of Paris, TN, USA

  • Anne Moon

    District 24
    QI of Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

  • Margaret Grasnick

    District 26
    QI of Wellington, NSW, Australia

  • Cheryl-Ann Harter

    District 27
    QI of St. Augustine, FL, USA

  • Jeanette Wood

    District 28
    QI of Taree, NSW, Australia

  • Mary Montbleau

    District 29
    QI of Andover, NH, USA

  • Sandy Smith

    District 30
    QI of Brisbane City, QLD, Australia

  • Margaret Foley

    District 31
    QI of Canberra, ACT, Australia

  • Shary Goulart

    District 33
    QI of Morro Bay, CA, USA

  • Sandra Verrall

    District 34
    QI of Maryborough, QLD, Australia

  • Lorraine Perry

    District 35
    QI of Liverpool, NSW, Australia

  • Pam Scott

    District 36
    QI of Gridley, CA, USA

  • Shona Browne

    District 37
    QI of Opotiki, New Zealand

  • Darlene Chaffey

    District 40
    QI of Thuringowa, QLD, Australia

  • Connie Garcia

    District 41
    QI of Cebu, The Philippines
  • Photo Not Available
    Ann Meyer

    District 42
    QI of Suriname

  • Denise Queale

    District 43
    QI of Wimmera, VIC, Australia
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