Board of Directors 2014-2016

Sheila Morris

South Area Director

Quota International of
Fort Lauderdale
Quota International of Monroe
FL, United States

Sheila MorrisSheila Morris believes the coming years will be pivotal ones for Quota, and she appreciates the opportunity to help guide the organization and its members into its exciting future. She wants to help Quota grow, not only in membership numbers, but in status, becoming a “household name,” and being known worldwide for our great accomplishments. Sheila believes we can no longer afford to be “the best kept secret.” We must take our rightful place as a leader of international service organizations.

Sheila has been a Quotarian for nine years; she has proudly served as club secretary, treasurer, and president and governor of District 27. Sheila is recently retired—she and her husband owned a retail camera store for 38 years. Sheila believes that being retired does not mean being inactive. She reports that she now has time to devote to activities that touch her heart, including the wonderful work done by her Quota club and district.

As well as being a Quotarian, Sheila has been a Rotarian for 10 years, serving at the club and district levels in that organization. Sheila believes being a Quotarian and a Rotarian gives her the unique perspective on service organizations’ strengths and weaknesses, and she will use this knowledge to help Quota grow.

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