Board of Directors 2014-2016

Michelle Fryling

East Area Director

Quota International of
Indiana, PA, Inc.
United States
PA, United States

East Area Director Michelle Fryling believes in a Quota that continues to serve local communities while maintaining a commitment to world service. If Quota is to successfully continue into its next century of service, Michelle also believes Quota must become more agile and more flexible in its efforts to recruit and maintain quality members. This certainly can mean use of technology, but more importantly, it means being innovative and responsive to the needs and wants of the next generation of Quotarians without forgetting or disrespecting the history and traditions valued by long-time members. She is also a strong believer in the need to mentor ALL members, both new and experienced, to secure the future of Quota leadership locally and internationally. Leadership training and consistent and clear communication about the importance of a strong connection to Quota International is a key responsibility of every Quotarian, but especially those in international positions. Michelle is committed to the idea that while change is inevitable and necessary for growth, Quota must not lose the “human touch” that is at its heart. Michelle wholeheartedly approves Quota’s new commitment to marketing and public relations and the financial investment in these initiatives – and feels strongly that it is up to the international, district, and local leadership to take full advantage of these tools AND to communicate their value and availability to all Quota clubs.

A 13-year member of Quota International, Michelle has served as both the secretary and president of her club, Quota International of Indiana, Pennsylvania, Inc., as well as lieutenant governor and governor of District 3.

Professionally, Michelle is a PR and media expert, with 23 years of experience in media relations and communications at both a private college and public university. She spent five additional years as a newspaper reporter.

Outside of Quota, Michelle was awarded her community’s 2006 Civic Leader Award in recognition of a lifetime of service. She is active in several community organizations, including Salvation Army, United Way, downtown revitalization initiatives, community bicentennial celebration, Indiana County Tourist Bureau, and the Indiana County Humane Society. Michelle and her husband, Calvin, are the parents of boy-girl twins, who completed their freshman year of college in 2011!

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