Board of Directors 2014-2016

Karen Murphy

International Treasurer

Quota International of
QLD, Australia

Karen MurphyQuota clubs in every city, suburb, and town—offering the gift of Quota to all! This is Karen Murphy’s vision for Quota, and she would like to see the Quota name on every project and service Quota provides. Karen has a passion for Quota—she enjoys helping others, working as a team with members, making sure that Quota’s ideals are upheld, while also moving forward with new ideas and new projects to build an even stronger organization. Karen believes in the need to harness the unique strengths of Quota—providing mentoring, encouragement, and friendship throughout the membership to lead us forward in service. As Karen likes to say, “Let’s put our hearts into Quota, and put Quota in our hearts!”

Karen has been a dedicated member of QI of Beenleigh since 1996. As governor of District 30, Karen was proud to welcome two new branches and two new clubs. She launched the “QuoCKa Reading” Program (and manual). She also created Quota e-mail accounts for district executives and clubs, and developed club resource manuals for development and growth. She has served as the Nominating Committee chair and has been involved in the Quota International Voting Task Force, the South Pacific Area Rules and Resolutions Committee, and the Hearing and Speech scholarship judging. At Convention 2006, she was the presenter for “Service-on-Sound,” a convention-wide service project. Karen has also visited Quota Club-to-Club World Service projects in India, Fiji, and The Philippines. As a result, Karen launched the World Service “Ambassador of the Year” Program in her own club, and this has since spread further in Quota.

As South Pacific Area Director, Karen created a new Area Web site, chaired the South Pacific Area Meeting, and actively encouraged clubs to “go forth and charter!” She proudly welcomed two new clubs and four new branches during her term.

Karen has a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Sydney University. She has been the owner/manager of Murphy’s Health Care Pharmacy since 1990 and is the company secretary of Pharmacy Computer Solutions, so knows all about fiscal responsibility and accountability. She has also served as the Redeemer Lutheran College Foundation Board vice president for six years.

For her community service efforts, Karen was awarded the Forde Community Champion Award in 2006. She has been a team-leader of 470 volunteers at each Brisbane City Council’s “Homeless Connect” Days. She has served as a mentor at Beenleigh State School and for the Beenleigh Junior Chamber of Commerce. She has also been active with the Beenleigh Chamber of Commerce and the Beenleigh Development and Advisory Board, and she started CREATE Beenleigh (an employer’s action group).

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