Margaret Northam of Quota International of Taree Inc., NSW, Australia

  • December 3, 2013

Margaret Northam of Quota International of Taree Inc., NSW, Australia

Margaret Northam

Margaret Northam

Quota International of Taree Inc., NSW, Australia

Quota International of Taree is pleased to honour Margaret Northam’s service by awarding her the distinction of Volunteer of the Year for 2014.

Margaret joined the Taree Club in March 2006. The next year she became Director of the Community Involvement Committee, as she has a passion for our local community. She was born, raised, schooled and worked in the Taree District so her bonds are strong. Every second year she has taken on the same Directorship, so has served 3 terms so far.

Margaret is known as the “Roster Queen” as she is an excellent organiser and plans down to the last detail. She runs a Quota roster for the local library where books are delivered to those unable to come to the library themselves. She also rosters Quotarians to deliver Meals on Wheels. To do this she has proven excellent with technology- emails, photos, attachments and lists!

She keeps everyone up to date with public meetings that are on, articles that are in the paper, and makes sure we all have photos of our events and that the right people get thanked.

This year has been very busy with Margaret in the forefront of most Quota/community events. She supported and organised Quotarians to take part in the Biggest Morning Tea in May where we joined the Taree Show Society at the Showgrounds. Later, in October, we supported the Show Committee again when Margaret lined up ladies to help in the Kitchen and as Stewards in the Craft Pavilion. She was there to support the Wingham Community for the Scottish Festival where Quotarians manned a stall for damper and soup. Quota’s breakfast on Australia Day is another big event Margaret usually helps coordinate and attends Council meetings for the planning.

The major event which Margaret coordinated this year was Daffodil Day in August. It was a test of logistics and involved a lot of work. Margaret and her husband Barry, did an amazing job publicising the event, storing goods ands selling the last of the daffodils and merchandise even after the day. Hours of work were involved and our Club were very impressed by the effort.

Outside Quota, Margaret supports her husband in his Community efforts and she is also a new member of the View Club and takes an active interest in Council events and in anything which enhances the Manning Base Hospital where she used to work. Of course, she is also a very supportive sister, mother, aunt and grandmother.

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