PDG Dorothy Grimm Achieves 50 Year Milestone

  • September 27, 2013

PDG Dorothy Grimm Achieves 50 Year Milestone

Quota International of Princeton, WV

PDG Dorothy Grimm Achieves 50 Year Milestone

Dorothy Grimm accepts recognition for 50 years of service to Quota

Dorothy Grimm, Past District Governor of First District, Quota International, and a member of Quota International of Princeton WV, Inc., was recently honored by her club for achieving the milestone of 50 years membership in Quota. Dottie not only has achieved 50 years as a loyal Quota member, she has done so with a record of perfect attendance for all 50 years!! Dottie joined Quota in 1963 and has been active for the entire 50 years. She served as President of the Princeton Club in 1972 and 1976 and was Governor of First District 1982 – 1983. She has been an inspiration to many over the past 50 years and continues to serve on the Board of Directors of the Princeton Club as she has done for the past several years. Dottie was recognized by Quota International and President Laura Lehman as well as First District Governor Elizabeth Osborne, and United States Senator Joe Manchin. Former members and current members from neighboring clubs of QI of Beckley, WV and QI of South Bluefield, VA were also in attendance. Visitors included First District Past Governors Susan Pietrantozzi and Barbara Moore Ray. In addition, Dottie received greetings from Past District Governor of First District, Ms. Dolly Johnson now residing in Florida. Dottie has been and remains to be a shining star in Quota and truly is an authentic example of Quota’s Objects and Mission. Congratulations, Dottie – we love you!!

Date Taken
August 20, 2013
Susie Pace

Entered By:
Judy Pedneau
September 27, 2013

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