President’s Message – July 2013

  • July 22, 2013

President’s Message – July 2013

2012-2014 International President Laura Lahman

22 July 2013


My Fellow Quotarians,

The Board of Directors met 10-14 July 2013 with its major emphasis once again on the future and our focus on our strategic Quota of Tomorrow plan.  I am very pleased to report to you that Quota International is continuing on a FORWARD path.  The change in our structure began at the board meeting when the Treasurer position was officially combined with that of the President-elect.  The 2013-2014 Board of Directors now consists of eight (8) board members rather than nine (9) and the structure change process will continue as election ballots for Regional Directors are mailed to voting delegates in all Quota regions by 15 October 2013.  So onward we go!

Below is a brief overview of the results of our meeting:

  • HURRY!  Do not delay!  Nominations for Regional Director are due 1 August 2013.  The board would like to encourage those of you that are past club presidents, past district governors and past area directors to consider running for this brand-new leadership position and make a difference.  Quota needs YOUR leadership style, vision, capability and expertise!   Actress Lily Tomlin once said “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.  Then I realized, I was the somebody.”   Be that somebody leader in your new region, by completing the nomination form and uploading the online campaign profile form by 1 August.    It is easy to do and our staff is standing by to assist you or answer any of your questions.
  • Our legal counsel prepared Articles of Organization which may be a helpful document when Regions set up a bank account.  Legal counsel is in the process of updating Quota International’s Affiliation Agreement which will permit Regions to use Quota International’s name.  In addition, the Board, with guidance from our Parliamentarian and legal counsel, prepared Region Standing Rules.  These documents are all being finalized and will be posted on our web site prior to the area meetings.
  •  The Board will be proposing several By-law changes.  One will be to change Quota’s fiscal calendar to the calendar year thus simplifying the budgeting, reporting and auditing processes.  The other changes will be to hone our mission statement such that we are positioned to attract and ultimately secure corporate sponsors, grants and donors outside of our members.  We are in the process of preparing letters now to respectfully request three (3) Quotarians to serve on the By-laws committee.
  • Quota looks forward to celebrating 95 years of CHANGING LIVES in February 2014.  As such, a special pin has been designed to commemorate this special occasion.  A limited quantity of pins will be available for $15.00 (USD) at your area meeting and on-line thereafter as quantities last.
  • As mentioned in my February President’s message, we are converting the in-person club officer training to an online, learn-at-your-own-pace club officer leadership training program.  We plan to debut a sample module at your upcoming area meeting.
  • The board and staff are already planning convention which will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 18-21 July 2014.   This convention is guaranteed to hit all your hot buttons as Quotarians come together in service to celebrate our successes, learn together, renew friendships, and hold elections.  Registration forms will be available at your area meeting.
  • A decision was made to create a JQ video contest to showcase our amazing JQs!   Did you know that one of our JQs raised over $5,000.00 and another performed at Disney World?  Winning videos will be shown at convention 2014.  Specific details and contest rules about the contest will be provided shortly.
  •  Change is in the wind!   That’s right!  The board agreed to make changes to some of our award programs.  For example, our Volunteers of the Year will be introduced at convention along with the GIMME 5 winners!  Also, there will no longer be an entry fee or financial award for the Photo Contest.  Winning photos will be unveiled at convention!   And, Quota Cares Month will be expanded to be Quota International Awards of Excellence.  Specific details regarding the changes to these programs will be forthcoming and discussed at your area meeting, so be sure to attend to learn more!
  • Great news!  We have persons interested in starting the first-ever Quota cyber club.  The board approved a pilot cyber club that will be organized by our Executive Director Barbara Schreiber.  Based on lessons learned from the pilot program, our membership program will be updated so cyber clubs can be started worldwide!
  • And finally, the three (3) board task forces made their recommendations at the July board meeting.  As you recall, the task forces were created to assess (1) Convention, (2) The Quotarian publication, and (3) development and growth.  We are in the process of finalizing these recommendations and plan to announce the conclusions and resultant effect of these task forces at your area meeting!


I continue to be extremely confident that Quota will grow and thrive as we continue this FORWARD journey together!

With kindest regards,

Laura Lahman
2012-2014 International President

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