Vicki Caroline Macnabb

  • June 4, 2013

Vicki Caroline Macnabb

Entered By: Linda Rieth — Quota International of Minneapolis

June 4, 2013

Vicki Caroline Macnabb

Vicki Caroline Macnabb — Quota International of Minneapolis — Minnesota

Date of Passing: December 24, 2012

On 12/24 (Christmas Eve) of 2012, this earthly world lost an amazing Mother, Partner, Friend, Mentor, Grandmother, Mother-in-law and Sister Quotarian. Vicki MacNabb took all those responsibilities seriously and her fingerprints are everywhere! At Vicki’s memorial, her daughter Carrie, called her Mom brilliant and another friend used the word magical to describe her. A friend of Vicki’s son recalls her telling them never to drink anything that is the color blue, nor should you hang around anyone who drinks blue drinks. Pretty unique and original but then so was our dear Vicki. The stories we heard that day confirmed Vicki was a friend to many with the capacity of giving and caring well beyond what we fully understood. Vicki was employed at Loren on Park, a home of seniors, who she all loved! After returning to college to achieve her Master of Arts and Leadership degree, she introduced the Loren on Park Arts Program and Vicki’s creativity blossomed, along with the residents. Art and photography were two of her passions. We could count on Vicki to always have her camera at events and next day produce a couple of teaser pictures and then an entire portfolio a few days later. She was a gifted writer as well. Vicki joined Quota in 1986 and served in all capacities including President from 2000-2003, yes, three years. She attended many conferences and conventions. Her first convention took her to Australia and was truly inspiring for her. She returned and proceeded to have an Aussie party to promote Quota. Her Boston convention was filled with memories where several Quota sisters took a loooong walk to find the Cheers Bar. In Calgary, her camera got the work out with all the life size cows displayed throughout the city. Vicki also made the trip to Bismarck to be one of June Remmich’s 99 bridesmaids. At Vicki’s memorial, two friends of Vicki commented that she had invited them to join Quota and they wished they had done so while she was here. Both of them have since joined the Minneapolis club and Vicki’s legacy continues. We also learned Vicki was a gifted poet. Below is a poem she wrote which was shared in her memorial. “I am changed. The oceans I crossed, I now cross anew, the planetbound beneath me as a dreamer hurtles across the void.” Exerpt from Poet Dreams of Beijing by Vicki C. MacNabb (1996) Vicki MacNabb’s fingerprints are everywhere and varied and she left a mark on our hearts that will forever be remembered.

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