Iosco County, Michigan, USA

  • April 24, 2013

Iosco County, Michigan, USA

Iosco County

Iosco County, Michigan, USA

Our Quota Cares Month project
The theme of our Quota Cares Month project was “Soaring Together.” We did numerous small projects throughout the month instead of one big project. First, Quotarians made 274 adorable baskets and bird figures each filled with a mini LED light. These were distributed to 3 different Meals on Wheels programs and 3 nursing facilities and through the McDonald’s drive up. On 4 separate days Quotarians volunteered at a nursing facility Art Fest by providing snacks and manning the reception desk. In keeping with the bird theme we filled 40bird feeders at four nursing facilities around the county and on March 19th several Quotarians provided entertainment for the residents of Tawas Village by providing large bird identification posters and bird checklists. A photographer from Audubon presented a video of local trumpeter swans. After the presentation a musician played guitar and sang while seniors joined in. March 26th our Quotarians attend an event called Community Connection where local families could gather information about services around the county. We gave out information about how our club can help them and others. We donated to local backpack food programs and to Loaves and the Fishes Cafe’ homeless food program in March as well. During this very full month we also partnered with the local Masons with a fish fry to benefit an eight month old boy with leukemia. Our last project is a kite day where Quotarians help middle school students fly kites with bird designs. It was a very full month.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
We were everywhere during the month it would have been difficult not to be aware of Quota of Iosco County. Each of those 274 baskets and birdies had a card attached saying that it was from Quota of Iosco County. The 4 days of the Art Fest which was open to the public as well as nursing home residents, we proudly wore our Quota shirts and handed out brochures. At Community Connection we gave out brochures and displayed a poster of our services to hundreds who attended along with bags of candy tied with our Quota Cares tags. We partnered with Meals on Wheels, 4 nursing facilities, Audubon, Michigan State University Extension office, Masons, Backpack Program, Loaves and Fishes and the middle school. Each contact with these organizations was an opportunity to talk about and show Quota’s presence. And…what better way to advertise then in the McDonald’s drive through! Our local newspapers support the work that Quota of Iosco County does by reporting on our projects and on March 6th they printed a wonderful article describing Quota Cares Month. If you lost count about the number of opportunities for spreading the word of Quota, here is a rundown: 274 – baskets/birds with Quota tags delivered 4 – days at Art Fest 1 – newspaper article 15 – donation canisters at businesses 4 – visits to nursing homes to fill bird feeders 13 – organizations/businesses partnered with 5 – hours at Community Connection 25 –occasions to spread the word about Quota…

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
Quota Cares month gave our club members many opportunities to spend time together. Making 247 favors took quite a long time and work bees were held in order to accomplish this. It was a time to have fun, a glass of wine and not to have to conduct business. The sheer number of times that we did volunteering over the course of the month brought members together more often than regular meeting months. Our club of 50 members strong, enjoy each other’s company, we are friends, we love and support each other at all times but this month did provide more opportunities to spend time together. The mission statement for our club is “Bring and keep people together to serve our community in the name of Quota.” It certainly was a month of fulfilling every aspect of our club mission.

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