QI of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

  • April 20, 2013

QI of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

QI of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Our Quota Cares Month project
At our meeting we collected items to donate to Sisters in Support. These are women in need of support (mostly emotional) and who are pregnant or already have children. They are paired with volunteers who mentor, support and encourage the moms. The pair focuses on relational growth, parenting, life skills, employment, etc. Activities may include going to the zoo or a park, going to the library, filling out job applications and even working on a resume. Often, these moms have food stamps, but food stamps don’t buy things like cleaning products or personal care products, or first aid products. We all bought these types of products and brought them to the meeting. We set up an assembly line. Quotarians were encouraged to pick out a gift bag, select several items off the table to put in the bag, and then bring the bag over for some tissue, ribbon and a gift tag. We received lots of items and hope that these all find good uses in in the hands of Sister’s in Support! It’s always fun to share.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
By sharing, we spread the word that Quota is in the community to lift up those in need, including disadvantaged women and children.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
Our group always like this type of meeting. When we can do hands on projects and know they\’ll make a direct impact, it gives us the best feeling. Our morale was improved immeasurably.

Want more information about this project? Contact staff@quota.org

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