Quota of Central Oregon, Oregon,

  • April 19, 2013

Quota of Central Oregon, Oregon,

Quota of Central Oregon

Quota of Central Oregon, Oregon,

Our Quota Cares Month project
We were a sponsor at The Healthy Beginnings Grin & Bear It Fun Run. Healthy Beginnings provides medical/dental screenings for children from birth to 5 yrs. We had a booth where we collected new and gently used books. These books are given to children (even older siblings) at the screenings.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
We had donated gift certificates for a drawing. On the drawing form we had a section that asked if the person would like to be contacted for more information on Quota. We ended up with 17 that said yes. We also had three tables along the run route with Quota logos. At the end of the race there were two flags with the Quota logo also. We gave out ribbons to everyone who crossed the finish line.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
This was the first big function that our JQ Club participated in. It was such a good feeling to see how eager these girls were to help. Their eagerness definitely spilled over to those of us that were there.

Want more information about this project? Contact staff@quota.org

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