Quota International of Metro Cebu, Talisay City, The Philippines

  • April 19, 2013

Quota International of Metro Cebu, Talisay City, The Philippines

Quota International of Metro Cebu, Talisay City, Philippines

Our Quota Cares Month project
QIMC’s Quota Cares Month project commenced last March 16, 2013 held at the San Nicolas Multi Purpose Hall in Carlock, Cebu City. The project was entitled, “POI MAKING AND YOGA DANCING WITH THE HEARING IMPAIRED”. The objective was to provide an entertaining and productive diversion in the usual classroom lessons thru Poi Making and Yoga dancing thru the beat of the djembe drums. Second objective is to use this diversion as part of their morning exercise or as an ice breaker in their usual class day. Third, extract the creative and artistic side of the hearing impaired and give due recognition on the results created in the series of activities. Our club invited the Junior Quota and the 6 public school SPED centers in CEBU CITY namely, Bulacao SPED Center, Labangon SPED Center, Don Vicente Rama SPED Center, San Nicolas SPED Center, Zapatera SPED Center and Barrio Luz SPED Center, handling Hearing impaired students to participate in the proposed activity. We started at exactly 9AM. Everyone was present and we filled the Gymnasium with 150 people. After the introductions, we welcomed the guests we invited who assisted us in the POI Making and Yoga Dancing activities. Each of the students were instructed and demonstrated on how to construct the Poi. After all were done, our guest Poi dancer demonstrated on how to execute the dance with the djembe drummer beating to the tribal beat. It drew a lot of interest and excitement among the students.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
The SPED teachers, family members of the students and media partners were there to witness and listen to the objectives of Quota. Awareness was made to let them realize what we do and that we are open for any interested individual who wants to join the group and serve the mentally challenged and hearing impaired. As part of the program preparation, our Club member, Arlien Buhain recruited 4 new members who were an authority in Poi Making and Yoga Dancing. They were encouraged and inspired by our objectives that they were happy to be inducted and help implement the plan for March.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
The Quota Cares activity made our members more committed in serving the mentally challenged and hearing impaired. They are more engaged in supporting activities which was meaningful and worthwhile. We all congratulated each other and appreciated each others’ efforts. A 100% support was shown by all members. Moreover, all members are excited and thrilled to see what’s next especially when we get to print their art work and start fund raising activities and that is to sell their work through postcards, greeting cards, posters and others.

Want more information about this project? Contact staff@quota.org

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