Quota International of Taree, NSW, Australia

  • April 16, 2013

Quota International of Taree, NSW, Australia

Quota International of Taree, NSW, Australia

Our Quota Cares Month project
In 2013 International Women’s Day was acknowledged and celebrated in Taree with a full day itinerary at the Manning Regional Art Gallery. The theme “A Gallery of Personal Journeys” brought together women who “Shared their Journey” – Inspirational, Challenging, Endearing and Enduring. Although Quota International of Taree has long been involved in celebrating International Women’s Day, 2013 is the first year we have supported and hosted a full day program to acknowledge and commemorate local women’s achievements. Through a diversity of discussions and presentations it was hoped to inspire our young girls and women, and strengthen individuals in order to maximise their abilities to help themselves, their families and their communities flourish and succeed. It started with the “idea” and progressed through 6 months of consultation and cooperation between Quota Taree, Greater Taree City Council, Hunter New England Health, Manning Regional Art Gallery and various sponsors. It was a huge undertaking to organise a rich and enlightening International Women’s Day Celebration. Taree Quota Club was delighted with the impact of our IWD 2013 celebration attended by over 200 people from a diverse range of ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and occupations, including some students. It was a time for people to meet up with old friends & make new ones. It was an inspirational day for everyone with smiling faces and food for the body, heart, mind and soul. It was a wonderful day… Inspiring, relaxing, cheerful, lively, interesting, friendly and educational. A worthy focus for our Quota Cares task!

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
The day’s events were a great way to raise awareness of Quota and build its reputation in the community. An exemplary marketing and media campaign was in place 5 weeks prior to the event. This included radio, newspaper and social media, excellent Quota personal communication and PR material. With the advent of social media technology, it is now much easier and cheaper to market events to a wider range of people. Taree Quota has recently had designed and printed a very modern, eye catching, streamlined flyer, which many participants availed themselves of on the day. Quotarian Debbie Steber as MC was able to promote the work of Quota to each new group of women attending a presentation. As these sessions were so successful and inspiring, many were moved to enquire further into Quota. A comprehensive newspaper report of the day rounded off the extensive coverage of a very successful event. In direct response to IWD, 6 prospective members have further added to their Quota experience by attending a “Growth and Development” “meet & greet” morning /afternoon tea with Quota members. Some have also attended meetings and social gatherings with a view to joining – two are definites. An event that was: So well planned and organised, So inspiring and diverse in its subject matter, Such a time of friendship, fellowship and support among women And a provider of such yummy gastronomic delights Could only raise the reputation of Quota to new heights in the eyes of our community.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
The benefits to our club from our International Women’s Day Project, were many and varied. The IWD event was not targeted as a fundraiser, but as a Quota community awareness service project… however we are delighted that an amount of $2,000 was realised from the event. The success of such an event depends on the planning. The organising committee was dedicated to ensure the event was well planned, achieved its proposed goals and ran smoothly. With dedicated and skilful leadership, the IWD Focus Group old guard extended and honed their considerable skills to new heights and the newies were introduced to and developed talents some didn’t realise they had. As this was a major undertaking all members were asked to help out: Planning and directing operations Creating table decorations for the breakfast Setting up & clearing up after each presentation Arriving at 5.30 am to prepare breakfast Selling raffle tickets Recruiting guests Preparing delicious canapés for the evening And a myriad of other jobs requiring a variety of skills and talents Through such a successful event Taree Quota has been able to: Raise its profile in the community and recruit new members, Raise unexpected funds for a worthy cause, Develop a sense of cohesiveness within the club through working and co-operating together to create something very worthwhile in our community, Discover and develop the talents of club members And most importantly through the fun and fellowship of working together develop and strengthen our friendship and respect for one another.

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