Quota International of Paranaque, Paranaque, Philippines

  • April 16, 2013

Quota International of Paranaque, Paranaque, Philippines


QI Paranaque_Quota Cares 2013

Quota International of Paranaque, Paranaque, Philippines

Our Quota Cares Month project
As it had been for three years, QI Paranaque makes Quota Cares Month a double celebration. March isn’t only Quota Cares, but it is also the Anniversary Month of the club, being chartered on March 12, 2005. PART1: Following tradition, Part1 was about celebrating our Anniversary with our long time beneficiaries. We consider these kids heaven sent, and we have always planned to give them an unforgettable experience each year. The club focused on choosing an activity that will enhance mind and body, and further enrich the bond of the Quotarians and the beneficiaries. We also aimed to cover interpersonnal skills development of these children. We brought them to Chateau Royale for Lunch, Rockclimbing, Swimming, and Zip-Line! QIParanaque was able to give them something to look back to, an experience worth remembering, enough to give them hope for a better future. The theme: LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. PART2: The Medical and Dental Mission was a joint project of QI Paranaque and the JQ Club. Some 300 persons benefitted from the project which included free medicines and free tooth extraction. The team was composed of 4 medical doctors and 3 dentists. The three dentists were led by Past President Josiebelle Francisco. The medicines given away to the participants consists of Multivitamins, Vitamin C, Paracetamol, medicine for cough and colds, appetite enhancers, pain relievers, etc. There were free items for the pregnant and nursing women, all solicited from several drug companies. A physical check up with free consultation was available for the beneficiaries.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
Since this is a new part of Paranaque that the club is reaching out to, we saw it best to equip ourselves with materials that will help us spread the word about Quota and what we do for the people who don’t have much. Brochures of the club were available and were distributed not only to the beneficiaries but to the passersby who came to see what the commotion was about. JQ Club’s role, all dressed in white Quota shirts, attracted a huge number of people. Likewise, PDG/CP Lynne and Pres. Angie spoke about Quota to the people who were at the project — the patients, the passersby surrounding the busy area, the medical team, prospective recruits. Our projects, history, goal and mission, were all shared. Likewise, Golf Tournaments are the perfect venue to promote the club. Schemes were cooked up to spread the Quota brand. Paraphernalia used: Q logo where Raffle Door Prize No. was placed, tournament tickets, Quota bag for the giveaways, Program, and QIPQ brochure displayed on every tables. Streamers and tarpaulins were placed all over the city to ensure maximum exposure in advertising both the tournament and the organization itself. On d-day, a Registration Table was set up. Naturally, the golfers and other people at the Golf club had asked what Quota was, what we do, who we cater to. Pres. Angie and PDG Lynne alternately spoke about Quota, to anyone who would listen. It was rewarding because we had donations come in after the effort.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
By expanding awareness in our community that such a group exists who caters to the Hearing Impaired. A stronger partnership between management, officials, and the SPED teachers of both schools. Students have been the sole beneficiaries of the club\’s efforts since its chartering in 2005. We have continuously provided assistance to the students, and have religiously been supporting their studies. With this project, the club\’s relentless support was better defined for the school. Likewise, the community of Tagaytay, a tourist spot in the Philippines due to its cooler climate, witnessed the fun and learning experience these children had with the project. Tagaytay City is a busy place, and in the heart of it was Chateau Royale. There definitely was great exposure for Quota. The hotel and recreation park was open to the public and many witnessed the great joy the kids experienced through Quota. The project beneficial to the club members in several ways: 1. Fulfilling as each member present was rewarded with a smile of pure happiness from every hearing impaired child. 2. Seeing the fruits of the club\’s labor IMMEDIATELY brings a sense of self-fulfillment for the members. Especially to the newer members, the project was a definite buy-in to the ideals of Quota, and what the club is working for. 3. Experiencing such a project ensured 100% cooperation from the membership for upcoming projects. 5. Being with friends and co-Quotarians in celebration of the club’s 8th anniversary helped renew and strengthen friendship and commitment for the membership.

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