Sand Springs Quota International, Oklahoma, USA

  • April 15, 2013

Sand Springs Quota International, Oklahoma, USA

Sand Springs Quota International, Oklahoma, USA

Our Quota Cares Month project
Our Quota Cares Month Project was a children’s hearing safety program called “Keep Ears Safe.” We presented the program to two Kindergarten classes at Northwoods Fine Arts Academy in Sand Springs,OK. Our Junior Quota Club stuffed a total of 65 bears which were sewn by our SS Quota members. A Quota bear was given to each child and the Jr. Quota club attended the program with our SS Quota members. A Speech Pathologist presented an informative program on deaf awareness. A new Quota member is a teacher’s assistant in both Kindergarten classes. Juice and a snack was provided to all the kindergartners by our Jr. Quota Club. One of the Jr. Quota Club member wanted to give her little sister the Quota Bear because she was in the Kindergarten class we visited! (There is a picture of the two sisters in our March 28, 2013 newspaper article which can be made available for you).

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
Our Quota Cares Month project raised awareness to all the teachers and employees at the Northwoods Fine Arts Academy. A pictured article in the Sand Springs Leader which is a community newspaper on March 28, 2013 created awareness to the entire community of Sand Springs with a potential viewing base of 11,250 viewers. We acquired a teacher’s assistant as a new member and the potential to acquire other teachers, a principal and a speech pathologist as new members. A principal just attended our District Conference as a guest of one of our members this past weekend in April.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
Our Quota Cares Month Project benefited our SS Quota club and our Jr. Quota club by working together and having fun at the same time! Different Quota members cut the bears out ahead of time and this can be done as a home project and then the bears are delivered to the embroider whom donated her services to embroider the “Q” on the bear. The Quota Cares Month Project improves morale when you see the kindergartners be so excited about having a Quota Club and the Jr. Quota Club spend time with them and teach a worhwhile topic about how to “Keep Your Ears Safe!” As the kindergartners get older, maybe they will remember something they learned about our Quota Cares Month Project! For instance, do not listen to loud music and do not put anything in their ears that can damage them forever! Our SS Quota Club and Jr. Quota Club is making a difference in our Sand Springs community in Oklahoma!

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