Quota International of Papakura, Papakura, New Zealand

  • April 13, 2013

Quota International of Papakura, Papakura, New Zealand

Quota International of Papakura

Quota International of Papakura, Papakura, New Zealand

Our Quota Cares Month project
The charitable organization “Dress for Success” had come to the attention of our club some time ago through the wonderful work it does assisting women who wish to re-enter the workforce, sometimes after many years. They rely on donations of pre-loved corporate clothing, shoes and accessories with which they dress not-so-privileged women for interviews, the women then being able to keep their interview clothing as a start to their work life wardrobe. DFS were struggling to supply so we decided to help. We organized an evening with the theme “Creating Fabulous – Knowing how to feel WOW everyday”. With the services of a leading “style consultant” we secured a venue for a fun-filled evening to teach women about body shapes, the styles that suit those body shapes and the colors that best enhance skin tones. We sold tickets and asked that purchasers donate an item of clothing, or an accessory for DFS. We had a wonderful response to requests for sponsorship and space was offered to stallholders in the foyer of the venue to sell their wares e.g. coesmetics, jewellery etc. Six of our Club members of varying shapes and sizes were “before” and “after” models and a leading fashion house came on board to clothe them. We were able to deliver a huge vanload of donated goods to DFS the very next day and are making a $3,500 cash donation.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
The event was advertised in our local newspaper a week prior, in association with the fashion house, Jean Jones. On the night, a short presentation was given on the role and the history of Quota in our community, and an information stand was on display in the foyer. We have the names of 3 prospective members from that night. We have established a wider connection by associating with Dress for Success which is a central Auckland organization, and have Had great publicity within their own extensive database.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
All our members were very involved. Two were responsible for convening and organizing, but the entire club became involved after the initial groundwork was done. As mentioned, six were models on the night but every member supplied finger food for supper at half time, sold tickets for the event and were willing hands on the night for the various jobs that presented. The whole night was streamlined and ran beautifully with no glitches. Club morale was heightened as with any fundraiser when we all work together for a mutually inspiring cause. Well done Quota – Papakura.!!!

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