Quota International of New Haven CT, Connecticut, USA

  • April 12, 2013

Quota International of New Haven CT, Connecticut, USA

Quota International of New Haven CT

Quota International of New Haven CT, Connecticut, USA

Our Quota Cares Month project
Rock n’ Roll was the theme at Camp Isola Bella the privately owned camp of the America School for the Deaf. Hearing impaired students and their siblings spent the day at the camp and the New Haven Quotarians spent the day there with them. This year our club worked collaboratively with the American School for the Deaf on their Parent Orientation Weekend. This event is a weekend event for families with deaf or hard of hearing children. The parents receive educational sessions on topics related to children with hearing impairment, guidance and counseling, breakout groups and a key note speaker. Lodging and all meals are included for the entire family. Each family is required to pay a tuition fee for this event. While the parents are engaged in these activities the students and their siblings were cared for by the volunteers, the vast majority of whom were Quotarians. The infant to 7 year olds were cared for at the school campus and the older children and teens were transported to their camp where activities were provided for them. The youngsters were provided with childcare, playtime, feedings and safety while their parents were in class. The older children, at the camp, participated in a scavenger hunt, an egg hunt, crafts and a magician show. The club provided scholarships for 10 families who were unable to pay the tuition. The benefit to the community (the parents, the siblings, and the Quotarians) was education, increased awareness of hearing impairment, emotional support for the…

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
This weekend event will raise an awareness of hearing impairment in the community because of the education and training that the parents, students, siblings and volunteers received through the hands-on interactions with the staff, students and families. Parents received education that will empower them to be advocates for their hearing impaired children, the siblings saw that other children had some of the same challenges they had with living with a sibling with hearing challenges and the volunteers left with an increased awareness of the issues that individuals and families face when a child has a hearing impairment or is deaf. I know that I left with a heightened awareness of the needs and an enhanced desire to help where I can. Nineteen Quotarians participated at the event and four non-Quotarian friends participated also. It is likely that we will gain at least one member from this event.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
The benefit to our club was doing an entirely different kind of service activity. It was extremely fulfilling to work on this collaborative venture with the American School for the Deaf. This activity strengthened our relationship with the school. It was great to do a service activity which is so closely aligned with Quota’s goals. Our club decided to have March dedicated to hearing impairment. At our monthly meeting earlier in the month we had a Deaf Social Worker speak to our club about his own challenges as a deaf individual and his work with the hearing impaired. Approximately half of the club volunteered at the family orientation weekend but the entire club was involved in the fundraising activities that raised the funds for the tuition scholarships that we provided. “Our Family Orientation weekend was made that much better for the students and their families because of the dedication, commitment and generosity of the New Haven Quotarians”. Ed Peltier- Executive Director, American School for the Deaf

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