Quota International of DLF City, Haryana, India

  • April 12, 2013

Quota International of DLF City, Haryana, India

Quota International of DLF City

Quota International of DLF City, Haryana, India

Our Quota Cares Month project
Quota volunteers decided to build bridges with our local community by participating actively in the National Service Scheme camp organized by the Government Senior Secondary school, village Chakkarpur. This school is located close to our dispensary and vocational training center and has over a thousand children studying in it. Quota organized talks on the following three topics for the high school students attending the camp. 1.Say No to Drugs and Yes to Health: speaker Cdr. S. Mohan. He spoke about alcoholism as well as drug abuse and shared information about Alcoholics Anonymous. 2.Noise induced hearing loss: speaker Rita Ayyar. She shared the causes, consequences and prevention aspect of NIHL 3.Health and hygiene: speaker Dr. Rachna Khanna. She spoke about common diseases, their symptoms and prevention aspects, focusing on personal and neighborhood hygiene. The idea behind the participation was to bring about awareness of our club and the kind of work we are doing amongst these high school students, so that in the coming months we can involve them into starting a Junior Quota club. The students mostly belong to the weaker section of the society. To make our presence more visible we further selected 10 students of class 12 of the same school for a monthly scholarship of Rs.200/- per head. These students were selected on the basis of their performance in the class 11 exams as well as financial status of the family. Preference was given to the girl child. The idea behind the scholarship is to encourage these…

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
The active participation and collaboration with the Govt. school has raised our awareness amongst 1000 students studying in the school and the staff as well. It has increased the footfall of patients in our dispensary. The scholarships and cash awards are being funded by friends of Quota who appreciate our efforts. We enrolled one new member and attracted two new volunteers for teaching the project Shiksha children. We got a donation of 14 computers for project Shiksha and medicines worth Rs.5000/- for our dispensary during the month.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
As mentioned above, we are not only getting a lot more support from the community, but also active participation from a lot of members specially the new ones. They are bringing in fresh ideas and vitality to our club. Not only the community but the education department of the Govt. of Haryana has become aware of our efforts and the local authority of Primary Education has decided to recommend our request for the allotment of a school building to the higher authorities in Panchkula, which is their head office.

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