Quota International of Cupertino, CA, USA

  • April 12, 2013

Quota International of Cupertino, CA, USA

Quota International of Cupertino

Quota International of Cupertino, CA, USA

Our Quota Cares Month project
Quota International of Cupertino surveyed its members to see which local project to help the needy was preferred for Quota Cares Month. Helping the elderly came in first; the club followed the committee recommendation to visit the skilled nursing home in Cupertino having the least amenities of the three local skilled nursing homes. We had an hour’s Sing-Along of “old songs” with them and also helped in their craft activities for an hour of Beading, using beads bought at cost from member Nicol Lea Herris who conducts Beading classes and also using extra, accumulated buttons donated by members for pasting. The Sing-Along was so successful that we are planning for a second session for May 17, with Beading May 31. The initial project for a Therapy Dog to visit the Center monthly on an ongoing basis did not work out. Subsequent investigation of other local facilities led to the decision to promote that activity at a local home for autistic children. The two speakers at our club’s March program meeting shared what the City is doing locally for the elderly and about age-friendly communities and trends, programs, and housing options. Our club members living in Cupertino are quite enthused about appearing at City Council meetings to speak to the need for planning now for the elderly since that population is increasing, generally, relative to those under 5 years. Council will be reviewing the General Plan’s Housing Element this year, and club members anticipate become involved in that process.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
Our plans for local publicity, which was to be driven by the Therapy Dog program, were not initiated since the Cupertino Healthcare and Wellness Center decided they could not, after all, participate. We anticipate the changed facility to benefit from the Therapy Dog program still will generate community interest, though it now will follow news of our Sing-Along and Beading activities at the Center. Our Sing-Along attracted a new member and helped in another’s decision to join upon retirement in a few months. As reported below, our annual participation with a local Lions Club in packing clothing in a semi-trailer for the drive to the needy Navajo tribe in New Mexico also is an avenue for our community service and is a joint venture with another local service organization. We have established a club Facebook page, with two of the three March Quota Cares Month committee members as webmasters. We are posting photos taken at the March Sing-Along and Beading and of Navajo Packing, with subsequent applicable activities, including the Therapy Dog program, to follow both on Facebook and on our Club, District and Area websites. Our anticipated 3-minute presentations at successive City Council meetings about needed planning for the senior population will be part of Cupertino’s televised meeting coverage. We expect some reportage in the City’s newsletter, published monthly and sent to all Cupertino postal addresses. Though our planned publicity did not taking place in March, subsequent, ongoing publicity in its various forms should be very effective.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
With the inclusion of all members in the planning, enthusiasm grew. Ten of our 20 Cupertino Quotarians practiced singing at a member’s home with another member’s daughter accompanying on the piano. A slightly different ten plus a friend participated in the Sing-Along and had a very good time, though we agree we’ll never make it on Broadway! It was gratifying to hear some of the residents still singing one of “our” 15 songs, for which we made copies of the words, as we left. The friend who joined in the Sing-Along is joining our club. Fewer members participated in the Beading, but one was there helping who did not make it to the Sing-Along. Assisting the local Lions Club (one of whose members is husband to a Quotarian) pack clothing for a needy Navajo tribe in New Mexico has become an ongoing annual event. Some ten Quotarians participated in sorting and packing enough donated clothing to fill a semi-trailer which then is driven to New Mexico; this last packing for the Navaho occurred on March 30. We believe our participation in the City’s planning process where we can insure that the elderly are considered in Cupertino’s future planning, i.e. zoning, construction, traffic, recreation, etc. also will bring us publicity—Council meetings are televised locally and the City puts out a monthly newsletter, city-wide. As one would expect, working together successfully is a wonderful morale booster—we got to know each other better outside the confines of formalized meetings.

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