Quota International of Coffs Harbour Inc, New South Wales , Australia

  • April 12, 2013

Quota International of Coffs Harbour Inc, New South Wales , Australia

Quota International of Coffs Harbour Inc

Quota International of Coffs Harbour Inc, New South Wales , Australia

Our Quota Cares Month project
Our Quota Cares Project was inspired by a visit to the Coffs Harbour Health Campus by one of our members following an inspirational talk to our club by the General Manager of Coffs Harbour Health, outlining the wonderful services supplied to our community by our Base Hospital. Our Vice President Nora went to the hospital and was introduced to the Unit Manager of Maternity Services who made a special request to Quota Members. “Would you be able to supply some knitted garmnents for the “Preemie” babies in the Maternity Unit?” These little jackets, caps and bootees were urgently needed and in constant demand. What a wonderful “hands on” task for our club to undertake! Members immediately and enthusiastically took up the challenge when Nora presented the idea to us at the next meeting. Here was something we could all do and something which we could promote to our friends and other groups we were involved with. A way to spread the name of Quota, a possible way to recruit new members, an opportunity to show how deeply Quota cares for members of our community in need and ultimately promoting our goal of service. Patterns for tiny jackets, caps and bootees were distributed to us all and off we went! Items were to be delivered to the club when completed and would finally be presented to the Hospital at a Special Morning Tea at the new Medical Centre Cafe in the Campus grounds to which all members were invited.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
By planning and imnplementing this direct community service project we were able to assist our Health Campus to provide much needed items to the Materinty Ward. These garments are used on the tiny Preemie babies, who are often so small that only doll sized clothes are suitable. They are used on the newborns who are confined to the ICU in humidicribs and later when the babies graduate from intensice care back into the nursery they are still able to be worn. At the Special Morning Tea attended by our club members the donations of over 100 jackets, caps and long legged bootes were accepted gratefully by the General Manager of Coffs Health accompanied by the Director of Nursing and Midwifery and the Clinical Midwifery Specialist. Each of these ladies expressed their thanks and stressed the importance of the contribution, praising and thanking Quota for their on-going support to the hospital and emphasising the good name that Quota has for its service to the community in so many fields particularly with their support for women and children and stressing how grateful the new mothers always are for the tiny garments which protect their precious babies. Also, all the Special Quota Friends who had so willingly helped us with the knitting were able to feel a great sense of satisfaction that they had been a part of this worthwhile exercise and contributed to the welfare of these little ones.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?

This was a great unifying exercise for our club as it enabled everyone who could use a knitting needle to take part . This was also a good morale builder as it gave us all the chance to feel able to accomplish a “hands on” task in a capable manner, if we wished, and to use some of those skills which some of us had not used for quite some time, to accomplish something practical and useful. It gave us all a great sense of satisfaction. By contacting the local newspaper about our efforts it spread the word about our on-going work for our community and promoted the Club as a group of women who are community and service minded and who enjoy working together, and with our Quota Friends , to fulfill identified needs. Happily, this is an ongoing program as we are now knitting bigger bootees for new born babies in the Nursery, another worthwhile way we can be of help in our community.A little spin-off from this project was presented to one of our members when she met a mother at a Charity Outlet . This mum had recently brought home her “ preemie” baby and our member was able to hand on to her some of the jackets and caps that we were still receiving. This family was undergoing some hardship and it was wonderful to witness her gratitude and delight at receiving this unexpected kindness from a member of Quota.

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