Quota International of the Tanana Valley, Alaska, USA

  • April 10, 2013

Quota International of the Tanana Valley, Alaska, USA

Quota International of the Tanana Valley

Quota International of the Tanana Valley, Alaska, USA

Our Quota Cares Month project
The Q.I. T.V. Board mapped out a plan for Quota Cares Month (Q.C.M.) in January. Not only were we planning our Q.C.M. activities, but we were celebrating our club’s second birthday and we decided we needed to have our first major recruitment.

We started with recruitment social the first of February. At the event we stressed our guilt free attitude, created a new membership brochure and we played several of the Quota DVD’s. We had 10 people ask for membership forms. We invited potential candidates to our next General Membership. At the GM we revealed our Calendar for the Quota Cares Month. Several potential members asked if they could assist with some of our projects, we encouraged this.

First we distributed several boxes of ear plugs, to three locations. It was a big success.

Second, we made Chili for our local Food Bank. We produced 12 bags of Chili they were for folks who would come to the Food Bank after all the food boxes had been given away. This project was like a snow ball it grew and grew and greatly benefitted Quota International of Tanana Valley. It ended up that several potential members brought additional people to the General Members Meeting in March. Also, the Food Bank featured our Club in their newsletter and on Face Book. For the first time they asked for our Club logo to give us credit for our service to their organization. On a face book commentary, the ED of the Food Bank quoted one of our potential members as saying if this club can do so many small projects to help the Food Bank why can’t the bigger organizations in town do the same thing and get involved with the community.

We featured a night of free yoga classes to benefit anyone who needed to stretch.

The next event was a breakfast for a senior complex in North Pole… It was a wonderful time at least 75% of our members participated and at least 6 of our potential members attended and helped to serve breakfast.

On March 26th almost the entire club gave up their lunch break to meet and stuff Easter bags with candy and trinkets to put in the local food boxes which were to be distributed later in the week.

On March 27th at our Club Program meeting we collected prepackaged foods for a local Homeless Teen Center.

On March 29th we assembled the baskets that we were donating to the Interior Alaska Center for Non- Violent Living.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
We received a great deal of publicity from The Food Bank and from the Senior Center – to have several residents ask for information to join was a great sign. We were also thanked in the local newspaper

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
The Club’s response to all the activities was very encouraging. Our Club has been so excited by all of our potential and new members and excited to be recognized by community members. Our members love participating in hands on activities and it showed. The participation has been crucial. Overall we had a 90% participation rate during the month of March. Our new members fit right into this attitude they are all so happy and excited to be in our Club – it is amazing. We even had several new members volunteer to be on our 2013-2014 Board of Directors.

At our last G.M meeting which took place this past Wednesday 4/10/13 a new member who had been in another Club asked if she could say a few words. The new Quotarian said to the membership how proud she was to be involved with our group. She added that she was amazed at the number of members who participated in the activities and she was amazed at the number of volunteer projects that we performed. She also commented that the no guilt attitude of the Board and the other members really impressed her and made her realize how easy it was to participate in small projects.

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