Quota International of Cebu South, Cebu, Philippines

  • April 9, 2013

Quota International of Cebu South, Cebu, Philippines

Cebu South

Quota International of Cebu South, Cebu, Philippines

Our Quota Cares Month project
Quota international of Cebu South launched its ‘Mobile sewing Clinic-Made for Bed Project last Jan, 2013. Its mission is to be able to share the inspiration that disability is never a hindrance when you know that you are a useful member of society, that all can make a difference in the life of somebody in need. It is giving hope to our hearing impaired scholars that there are trainings they can use after high school. QICS brainstormed of a novel project that can be sustainable throughout the Quota year. The purpose of the project was to hit 3 groups of beneficiaries (HI, disadvantaged women and children) with one Quota care project. We decided to donate bedsheets to a Pediatric as well as Obstetrics ward of a selected Provincial district hospital. These bedsheets will be made by Hearing impaired students and will be a short term Sewing training course. It is mobile because we plan to move this training project to other HI-Sped centers and donate bedsheets to other provincial hospitals as well. As we know, most if not all provincial Pediatric and OB wards in Cebu do not provide bedsheets for patients. Its beds are made of uncomfortable leatherette materials. We hired a dressmaker to teach the students how to operate a portable sewing machine and basic bedsheet sewing process. We had 15 Hearing impaired students as our initial trainees and tapped (CTU –Tuburan campus) Cebu Technical University Post Graduate students, most of which are teachers to help us via…

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
With the Quota Cares Month Project, we have not only attracted new members but a lot of possible beneficiaries as well. Other towns are looking forward to our next visits to their hospitals; more teachers are interested in joining the club; and at the same time, our scholars are asking when do they start sewing the next batch of bedsheets. This project has indeed raised awareness of our club in the community. More importantly, each member has intensified her passion to do more charity work. And since its summer, our Junior Quotarians can join our projects and activities full time.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
The club turned over these bedsheets to Tuburan District Hospital last March with more than half of the members in attendance. Members are assigned to head different committees and work hand in hand with the club\’s president. Since Tuburan is a 2 hour drive from Cebu City; the activity was made more meaningful when the club simultaneously organized a deworming and feeding project to about a hundred disadvantaged children. We also distributed vitamins and lunch packs to each family present. And since we always make it a point to enjoy every activity that we have, we ended the day with a fellowship at the beach! That is why members keep looking forward to our monthly projects because not only do we share ourselves to our others, we also take time out to bond with friends.

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