Quota International of Parkes Inc., New South Wales, Australia

  • April 4, 2013

Quota International of Parkes Inc., New South Wales, Australia

Quota International of Parkes Inc.

Quota International of Parkes Inc., New South Wales, Australia

Our Quota Cares Month project
Our major 2013 Quota Cares project was a luncheon with an inspiring guest speaker to celebrate International Women’s Day. We took the opportunity to remind our guests not only of the achievements of women today, but also of the terrible poverty and lack of human rights of most women in other parts of the world. Included in our audience were several local senior schoolgirls who were so impressed by our guest’s story that afterwards they said they were considering how much more they could do with their lives when they left school. Not only did the students benefit from broadening of their horizons and their ambitions, our other guests appreciated the need to be aware of other women’s problems and to help in any way they could. Our second project was to assist the Northparkes Mine by providing sustenance for some 2000 visitors on its Open Day on March 2. Parkes benefits from the generosity of the management in providing facilities and other help, so we happily helped out, wearing hard hats and Quota aprons to prepare the food and man the barbecues. As there is no canteen at the mine, the visitors greatly appreciated our efforts. We also presented $1,000 to Little Learners, who prepare disadvantaged children for school, gave some much needed new bed linen to the Women’s Refuge in Forbes and paid for a new wheelchair for the residents of an Aged Care facility here in Parkes.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
We received huge publicity for our Club through our actions during March. Our local newspaper published five major stories – four with pictures – about all the things we were doing during this time, and we were mentioned in other articles as well. Our publicity officer did a talk back radio interview about International Women’s Day and both this station and the local community radio station broadcast several announcements about it prior to the luncheon. We also are currently collecting hearing aids to help our Quotarians in Ba with their hearing clinic (not enough room in the last question to mention that) and we have had community announcements about that on local radio since early March too. Many people saw us in action at the NorthParkes Mine Open Day as well. Indeed, there would be very few people in Parkes who would not be aware of our activities – of the good work we do and the fun we have doing it. We don’t set out to sign people up at our functions. We endeavour to do things so well, to let people know about the worthwhile things we do and to let them see the wonderful camaraderie we have together, so that when we approach someone we think would be a good Quotarian she will probably say yes. And it’s working for us.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
Our major project in March – the International Women’s Day luncheon – ticked all the boxes for our members. The lunch, prepared and served by the Club, was beautiful, the venue perfect for the occasion, and the guest speaker excellent. The function was organised by our Disadvantaged Women & Children’s Committee while other Quotarians helped on the day. We are fortunate to have a large club, so did not need every member to help, but those just sitting back and enjoying the day would have been involved with the other projects and planning for our upcoming events like the International Night early in April. We had many guests at the luncheon, including senior school students, and we think encouraging young women like this is most important both for them, and because they will know and appreciate Quota in the future. We were also delighted to welcome two Quotarians from Orange who made the long drive to attend. We also had many other ladies from Parkes and surrounds, some of whom may well join us in the future. Successful projects such as these are great for morale, which is at an all time high following not just a busy month, but three months in which we have achieved a great deal for the community, as well as having some social events just for our own enjoyment. With an enthusiastic membership, great camaraderie, willingness to try new ideas, and the desire and means to help others, we have a very happy club.

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