Quota International of Kirksville, Missouri, USA

  • April 4, 2013

Quota International of Kirksville, Missouri, USA

Quota International of Kirksville

Quota International of Kirksville, Missouri, USA

Our Quota Cares Month project
Quota International of Kirksville’s theme this year was “Healthy Hearing Awareness”. Mayor Richard Detweiler signed a proclamation declaring March Quota Cares Month in Kirksville. Our first event was a series of presentations at Ray Miller Elementary grades 3 thru 5. The presentations were coordinated by member Dr. Janet Gooch, Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education at Truman State University. Students from the Communication Disorders Association (CoDA) at Truman State gave a program entitled “Crank It Down”. Their program educated students on basic anatomy of the ear, how sound is measured and what sounds are “safe” sounds and what sounds are “harmful”. The dangers associated with loud noises and/or repeated exposure to noise were described and ways of protecting the ears and hearing were presented. The presentation culminated with a question and answer game to assess whether or not the material was understood by the students. Teachers passed out earplugs provided by our club. Lastly, elementary students were invited to participate in a poster contest which culminated with 113 entries and the three top winners plus five honorable mentions receiving prizes. Students were asked to create a poster that addressed the theme of the program “Crank It Down” and promoted hearing protection. Posters were then displayed in local businesses. Our second event was giving out earplugs at a local grocery store. A fact sheet showing the harm of loud noises was also distributed. In connection with this project, earplugs were placed in the sporting good department at Wal-Mart,…

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
Awareness was raised through the news media who attended presentations at Ray Miller Elementary. The event made front page news in our local newspaper and our television station promoted it on their Health Beat segment of the newscast. A flyer was given to students promoting the poster contest. In addition to the prizes given to the top winners and honorable mentions, our local McDonalds gave coupons for each of the entrants to reward them for their participation. All of the posters were displayed in local businesses. Pictures of the events and new releases were posted on Kirksville Quota’s Facebook page and shared. At this time we have not received any new members but the possibility exists that teachers, members of the community or Truman students may be interested in joining Quota as a result.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
As always Quota Cares Month is a project for the entire membership to share. Several members were present at Ray Miller for the program to support the Truman State students. Others helped attach labels, with information about Quota, to earplugs and distribute them at a local grocery store. Members also helped to judge the posters and hang them up in local businesses. I feel we have good morale in our club. We always have fun working together in support of Quota and our community. NOTE: For more information, photos, and to view the newscast video go to our Facebook page: Quota International of Kirksville.

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