Quota International Gold Coast Inc., Queensland, Australia

  • March 28, 2013

Quota International Gold Coast Inc., Queensland, Australia

Quota International Gold Coast Inc., Queensland, Australia

Our Quota Cares Month project
Heavy rain on the morning of the ‘Quota Bears Champagne Brunch’ did not dampen the enthusiasm of the organisers or those attending the Development and Growth Function for QI Gold Coast. As the skies cleared guests began arriving carrying ‘Quota themed’ dressed ‘Teddy Bears’. Floral arrangements proudly displayed a ‘Pink Breast Cancer Teddy bear’, and our morning began by introducing guests to ‘Who Cares – QI Gold Coast Cares’. $650 raised on the day was donated to Breast Cancer Research and 26 beautifully dressed ‘Quota’ bears to ‘The Pyjama Foundation’. This foundation offers a learning-based mentoring program free-of-charge to children in foster care. Winning bears were judged by Stephanie Reardon, a volunteer co-ordinator of this Foundation. Delicious food, laughter and welcoming Quotarians all helped to gain a new member for our Club on the day. QI Gold Coast continued to show how ‘We Care’ throughout the month of March when we held our Golden Hearts Luncheon. The theme of ‘Women’ and ‘Breast Cancer’ was continued with our function’s Guest Speaker, Dr. Daniel de Viana, a Breasst and Endocrine Surgeon. Apart from his private practice, Dr. De Viana, is also a Consultant Surgeon for Breast Screen Queensland. 180 people attended this function and $2,500 of funds raised was donated to QI Bundaberg to assist with those affected by recent floods. Our goal of increased membership was again met as we welcomed another new member who attended the luncheon.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
A lady named Margaret saw a write-up in a Gold Coast Community Newspaper giving a short outline about QI Gold Coast and inviting people to attend the Annual Golden Hearts Luncheon. Margaret then spoke to her cousin, Janice, who in turn spoke to her friend and all three people attended the Golden Hearts Luncheon. However, Margaret received a telephone call from the club D&G officer prior to the luncheon and ended up attending he club meeting two nights later. Margaret has now indicated that she intends to join QI Gold Coast. The Community Newsletter ‘The Friday Flyer’ is distributed through Australia Post to 115,605 homes and businesses throughout the Gold Coast every week. This newsletter has been used several times to promote ‘Quota’ and has had a positive response each time. We are to gain one new member and hopefully a second by promoting ‘Quota’ in this Newsletter. Inviting Stephanie Reardon from the Pyjama Foundation to QI Gold coast’s D&G Brunch has led to photogrqaphs taken on the day and a write-up about the Quota Function being included in the ‘Pyjama Foundation’ newsletter and placed on their website. The number of people who may learn a little about Quota through this medium would be impossible to guess. The D&G Brunch has led to one of the guests indicating her intention to join and Stephanie has herself indicated her interest in Quota.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
Glasses of bubbly, delicious food, talking and laughter was the scene set by members of QI Gold Coast as they enjoyed a ‘Teddy Bears Champagne Brunch’ at the home of their D&G Chairman. The Club had just received news of the death of one of their outgoing, vivacious, and much liked members who was only part of the club for 8 months. Unsure of whether to continue with the function under such sad circumstances it was decided it could be a time of ‘bonding’ for all members. The decision to continue proved to be exactly what was needed. Members shared memories, some shed a tear but most importantly being together on the day lifted the spirits of all who were there. Quota Dons helped during the day from cooking sausages, to filling glasses and serving food. Quota’s motto ‘We Share’ was a very visible part of the day. All hands were on deck with the Golden Hearts Luncheon, QI Gold Coast’s major yearly fundraiser. Our ‘events extraordinaire’ had each and every member involved in many ways. Models for the Fashion Parade, selling raffle tickets, organising the silent auction, showing guests to their seats, welcoming and thanking guest speakers – every member was organised with precision and happy to carry out their allocated jobs. The success of the function at the end of the day was evident as members happily helped to clean up whilst enjoying an extra glass of wine in the company of fellow Quota friends.

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