Quota International of Narooma Inc., NSW, Australia

  • March 25, 2013

Quota International of Narooma Inc., NSW, Australia

Quota International of Narooma Inc.

Quota International of Narooma Inc., NSW, Australia

Our Quota Cares Month project
This year we decided to take our recruitment efforts “on the road,” by setting up information tent at the Bermagui Seaside Fair. The town is a 30-minute drive from Narooma, and has no Quota club of its own. The fair is hugely successful and includes a street parade, over 100 market stalls, a carnival, sandcastle competition, children\’s entertainment, music on two stages, pet pageant and much more. We knew that getting all our equipment to Bermagui could be complicated, but we had stars in our eyes when we thought of the captive audience of thousands of people! The theme of the fair was the colour “blue”. This worked well for us given that the Quota logo is blue. We all wore our Quota T-shirts and had our Quota information tacked onto blue display boards, which we’d borrowed from our local library. In addition to spreading the word about Quota International we had an Easter Raffle and used-book sale in the tent to raise funds for Moruya Oncology unit, which provides critical care for cancer patients in our area.

How did our QCM project benefit our community?
The Bermagui Seaside Fair attracts around 10,000 visitors, so we anticipated a busy day. Regrettably, the spot we were allocated was not in the main oval so we did not have the huge numbers that we hoped. However, we received a great deal of publicity by marching in the Bermagui parade. We were amazed at the number of people lining the parade route. As we passed the announcer’s booth, they gave our club an excellent recommendation. One of our members made blue pompoms for us, so we really were cheerleaders for Quota International that day. Fair visitors from all over New South Wales learned about Quota International as a result. In addition, our president arranged an on-air interview with radio host Kimmi Saker of 2EC. She spoke about all the things our club was doing in March as part of Quota Cares Month— including a movie night to benefit HeartKids and a service project to assemble toiletry bags for our local women’s refuge. Our publicity officer also ensured that Quota International of Narooma was in the newspaper every week throughout March. Time will tell whether our presence at Bermagui Seaside Fair will garner new members from Bermagui. However, we have had four new members join our club this year; two of those members signed up in March.

How did our QCM project benefit our club / members?
Given that many of the women in our club are less agile than we used to be, we have to give ourselves full marks for simply getting our big marquee to the site and setting it up – not to mention carting the boxes of books we intended to sell. We are a resourceful bunch, however. The day before the event we converged at the home of one of our members and loaded up the tent, the books, the tables, the chairs, the display board, the brochures, the information panels. It required a huge effort, many vehicles, and many hands on deck. The next day we travelled to Bermagui and got everything set up and ready to go. Things were fine until a big gust of wind flipped our tent over. It was a scary moment. Fortunately the fair visitors and fellow stallholders were quick to provide assistance and all was in order again. It is at times when things go awry, that you see the true spirit of your club shine through. And shine it did. We are stronger for having made the effort to go to Bermagui, to push past our comfort zone and try to do something a little different. It is clear that our first trip to the Bermagui Seaside Fair will never be forgotten!

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