Sarah Moore of Quota International of Northside Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • March 12, 2013

Sarah Moore of Quota International of Northside Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

Quota International of Northside Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Northside Atlanta Quota named Sarah Moore 2012 Volunteer of the Year for her development and management of a new project. The club received a $25,000 private foundation grant last year with the challenge to create something that would be uniquely Quota.

The club’s choice was to award a $5000 scholarship to a deaf student. Under Sarah’s guidance, we developed an application, promoted the scholarship statewide through the Georgia Department of Education web site and received 18 responses from public school students, including candidates from two state schools for the deaf. We selected a high school senior from Macon, Georgia, Joshua Foster, who is successfully completing his first year at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia.

The project was so successful that we received an increase in the grant for the current year, making it possible for Joshua to be eligible for a second-year scholarship and for the club to sponsor additional scholarships for the current year. Building on our success, with Sarah again directing the project, we have begun the second year of our scholarship program. Applications have been distributed statewide and are to be submitted by April 1. We expect greater participation this year and expect to announce winners by the middle of April.

Sarah’s work in the crucial first year of this new project was a key factor in our success. Drawing on her years of experience in education, her extraordinary energy and organizational skills, Sarah made our club proud and created publicity and new awareness of deaf needs in Georgia.

Sarah joined Quota in 1990 and has been secretary and president of the Northside Atlanta chapter and Eighth District Governor. She is our best recruiter of new members with her philosophy :

The purpose, goals and activities of Quota of Northside Atlanta mirror my own. Though small in number, our club members have made significant contributions to improve the lives and enrich activities available to deaf and hard of hearing children and youth. Our fund raisers, though hard work, are fun and a perfect bonding opportunity. We share stories about our lives and families and have grown to consider our small group an extension of our lives and families. I look forward to being with “our group” at meetings, fund raisers, and conferences.

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