Pat Cook of QI of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

  • January 21, 2013

Pat Cook of QI of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Pat Cook

Pat Cook

QI of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Our Quotarian of the Year has exceeded these goals and has done so much for our Club in a quiet, but determined manner. She most definitely lives out each of the Quota principles in all that she does.

She has led the way, selflessly, by example and deed, doing great things. She has served on the Board, and has been an active voice for Service. Her background and education has advanced how we help individuals.

She has traveled the globe far and wide. Each time she brought back photos and stories that touched our hearts and gave us a better understanding of how caring she is. She is full of wisdom, experiences, and advice. She always finds a gentle way to share her knowledge with anyone who is searching.

She has shared her dreams with us, as well as her gift of photography and gardening. When asked to describe her, a friend said this, “She is a caring and compassionate person… opening her home for gatherings. She is a good listener for [the Cool Cats]. They see her as someone who understands them and that they can open up with.”

Our Quotarian of the Year has taught life experiences to not only the Cool Cats, former Hearing Impaired Students, adults at DHHS, but to each of us. She is supportive of each of the roles we play in our club as well as our daily lives.

Even though she has officially retired, she continues to work with the hearing impaired in our community and look for new ways Quota can make a difference. After an extended stay overseas, she returned to her leadership role and continues to look for new opportunities.

Pat Cook is truly a strong example of the sharing and giving spirit of Quota.

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