Judy McKessock of Quota International of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

  • January 21, 2013

Judy McKessock of Quota International of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Willy Lee

Judy McKessock

Quota International of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Quota International of Owen Sound nominates Judy McKessock, as Volunteer of the Year. Judy joined our Quota Club in November of 2008 and has never stopped.

Judy has worked in various roles over the past 30 years and her network within the community has served our club well when it comes to fundraising, soliciting prizes or donations to support our various activities. No is not in Judy’s vocabulary and her effort, enthusiasm and kind spirit are always in abundance.

Judy volunteers in various areas of our community. She assists in nursing homes, schools, cancer society and was a leader in co-ordinating a fundraising event raising $7,000.00 for our local hospital.

In addition to running her own business and other volunteer commitments, Judy gives the Owen Sound Quota many hours of planning, fundraising and dedication. She has helped our club to think outside the box and has come up with several new ways to expose our Club to the community. She recently helped co-ordinate a Christmas Tour of Homes project which proved to be one of our most successful fundraisers. Judy made contact with a local radio station and traded free publicity for our Tour of Homes Campaign and Christmas Wrap Project for a donation to the local hospital for a new piece of equipment.

Judy does everything she can to contribute to our club and helps everyone. By a visit, phone call or card she is in contact with all.

Judy was named our nominee before our Club knew Judy would face a tough battle with Cancer. She has a long road ahead of her, but still she is in constant contact and reminding people of things to be done for this year’s coming events.

Judy has made our club proud and we are with her all the way.

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