Wendy Squirrell of Quota International of Camden, Inc., NSW, Australia

  • January 14, 2013

Wendy Squirrell of Quota International of Camden, Inc., NSW, Australia

Wendy Squirrell

Wendy Squirrell

Quota International of Camden, Inc., NSW, Australia

Quota International of Camden Inc. takes great delight in nominating Wendy Squirrell as a Volunteer of the Year.

Wendy joined Quota International of Camden Inc. in 1999 and members quickly realised that they had a quiet achiever in their midst. If there was a job to be done Wendy always put her hand up and continues to do so, be this at club or district level.

She was first elected to the board in 2001 and was then President in 2003/2004 and again in 2007/2008. We were delighted when she accepted nomination as lieutenant governor and was elected District Governor in 2006/2007. Wendy has worked tirelessly for the annual science challenge and is currently District Chair of Student of the Year.

We were all aware of Wendy’s outstanding sewing and craft abilities but is has been her work in establishing an ongoing supply of hand made breast cushions and turbans for ladies suffering from breast cancer and being treated at the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre at Campbelltown Hospital that has made us all particularly proud. A large part of this work is done by Wendy at her home, using donated fabrics, which is then brought to “sewing days” where members join in and complete the items. More recently we have been donating “teddy’s” (small soft filled cushions) to Liverpool Hospital coronary surgery unit and to Operation Open Heart in Myanmar. Wendy has lost count of how many have been donated but it is certainly in the hundreds. This gives particular joy to the children who undergo open heart surgery and are given their very own “teddy”. Wendy has also travelled to Bah, Fiji and taught many of the women there how to sew.

Wendy is also a great cook and provides large quantities of provision for the club stall at our Annual Antique Fair. She is also well known for her pumpkin scones with ginger beer! Behind the scenes she is married to David who is a member of his local Masonic Lodge. Wendy frequently caters for major events and organises deb balls etc. She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and a much loved, and adoring owner of two field spaniels, Venus and Zipper.

The members of Quota International of Camden Inc. believe that Wendy Squirrell is a more than worthy nomination for Quota Volunteer of the Year.

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