Jean Moore and Sandy Lawry of Quota Club of Waterloo, IA, Iowa, USA

  • January 11, 2013

Jean Moore and Sandy Lawry of Quota Club of Waterloo, IA, Iowa, USA

Jean Moore and Sandy Lawry

Jean Moore and Sandy Lawry

Quota Club of Waterloo, IA, Iowa, USA

The Quota Club of Waterloo, IA is proud to announce two volunteers of the year! Jean Moore and Sandy Lawry carry out the meaning of Quota and are great role models for every Quotarian.

“A successfully retired bank manager, Jean Moore continues high involvement in Quota since joining thirty-two years ago. Jean has served as Secretary/Treasurer, Lieutenant Governor and Governor of District 7; as well as, President, Vice President and Treasurer of her local club.

Chairing numerous Quota committees over the years, it was the Ways and Means Committee (Nut Sales) where Jean, our bookkeeper, was instrumental in steering her club to a profit as high as thirteen thousand dollars. Without hesitation, she has served in this role for the past seventeen years!

Volunteerism is nothing new to Jean: member of the Valley Lutheran School Board, treasurer of her church and Noble Dame of the Waterloo Elklets. Diligent, efficient, reliable, and dedicated clearly describe this deserving lady. Jean’s contributions have had a noticeable impact on Quota and our community and we are all proud of her accomplishments.\”

“Sandy Lawry is a giver. She always thinks of others more than she does herself and gives 110% to everything she does. Since joining Quota she has taken her commitment to heart, never refusing to do anything and adding her thoughts to try to make improvements.

She has Co-Chaired the Service to Disadvantaged Women and Children Committee while also serving and being an active participant of the Cops –n- Kids and brunch committee. Sandy also has served as 2nd Vice President and currently is 1st Vice President of our club.

Volunteering is nothing new to Sandy: serving as a Girl Scout & Cub Scout Leader; Active member within her church family; Volunteering with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, active member of Marine Mom’s and Army Guard support group; and she has also held numerous offices with the PTO.

We could go on and on about these two Quotarians and are very proud to have them as our co-Volunteers of the Year!!


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