Janet K. Riddell of Quota International of Cupertino, California, USA

  • January 11, 2013

Janet K. Riddell of Quota International of Cupertino, California, USA

Janet K. Riddell

Janet K. Riddell

Quota International of Cupertino, California, USA

Quota International of Cupertino, California, U.S.A.

Cupertino Quota received a precious gift when Janet Riddell retired after 25 years of service with Library Administration in Mountain View and transferred from Mountain View/Los Altos Quota to Cupertino Quota.

Janet has been a Board member in Quota; since joining Cupertino Quota, currently serving as our Recording Secretary.

Sharing her gift of volunteerism with her community Janet also serves on the Board of Directors of West Valley Community Services which serves over 6,000 individuals and families providing family support, transitional housing, financial assistance and many other needs within the community.

Janet was a Founding Board member of Amazing Creations Preschool serving the need of growing families in the community.

A recipient of The Wellness Community/Silicon Valley STAR Caregiver Award, Janet was recognized for her devoted attention to her husband, Hugh, after his diagnosis of cancer in 2008.

Janet is also on her Church Council where she fulfills the role of Financial Secretary.

As a member of Cupertino Rotary, Janet is able to keep Quota’s name and Quota’s activities in front of City Officials as well as business members of the community.

Janet is chairperson of Cupertino Quota’s Annual Scholarship which is awarded to further the education of  a hearing impaired graduating student, within the local high school district.

During one of Cupertino Quota’s primary annual spring fundraisers, Janet chairs the committee for fundraising a basket raffle.  She generally has twenty-five plus baskets.  Last Spring the raffle raised $2,000 which was donated to The Bill Wilson Center, a local charity for runaway youths.

Being a well-rounded individual Janet’s hobbies include Ikebana flower arranging, making pottery and “digging” in the dirt with her organic gardening.

We proudly honor Janet Riddell as Cupertino Quota’s Volunteer of the Year.


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