Heather Christensen of Quota International of Beenleigh Inc, Queensland, Australia

  • January 8, 2013

Heather Christensen of Quota International of Beenleigh Inc, Queensland, Australia

Heather Christensen

Heather Christensen

Quota International of Beenleigh Inc, Queensland, Australia

Heather is both a shining star and a very special person.

Heather is a Past President of the Club and currently is

·        Club Treasurer – everything is computerised

·        Eisteddfod Co-coordinator – our main club fundraising and service project

·        Publicity Officer

·        Mentor to two JQ Clubs.

The Eisteddfod is a competition for dance, music and speech and drama that is conducted over 25 days and nights (3 sessions a day!) The 2012 Eisteddfod had 17,000 entries, and Heather keeps on top of everything sitting in front of the club’s laptop computer – everything is computerised from schedules to entries to programming.

 As our club’s Publicity Officer, Heather attends all monthly Chamber of Commerce Meetings, and monthly Junior Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Because of her high local profile Heather was invited by the Mayor to join the Logan City Council Arts, Cultural and Heritage Committee.

Heather has supervised the new QI Beenleigh Club website www.quotabeenleigh.org.au and Facebook page, and also writes all publicity blurbs.

 JQs are her forte. Heather was instrumental in starting the first JQ Club in Australia.  The first JQ members came from our World Service Ambassador program. Heather mentors them twice a month, teaching them life skills, and she organises a variety of guest speakers.

 Heather joins the Beenleigh JQs twice a year when they “sleep out in a box” to help raise awareness and fundraise to help the homeless in town.

The JQs have their own “annual presentation night” where they distribute the funds they have raised. Our Quota 30th District Governor, local Politicians, and Police attended in 2012 and were very impressed! The Governor announced at the District Conference that it was the highlight of her year.

Our second JQ club is located at Loganlea State High School, and Heather organises similar programs and speakers to the Beenleigh group. (Heather attends 4 JQ meetings a month!) Loganlea JQ students do “QuoCKa Reading” (Quota, Cops and Kids, Reading Together!) at Waterford West State School weekly. They do their own fundraising, and with Heather’s help have received a Community Grant for $2,000

Heather recently received a Forde Community Award from our Federal Member of Parliament, acknowledging the tremendous work she does in our local community – congratulations Heather, and thank you for the impact you are making in our community, and in the lives of the JQ students you mentor.

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