Mock Trial – for Clara Hall School

  • November 29, 2012

Mock Trial – for Clara Hall School

Quota of Monroe Monroe, La

Mock Trial - for Clara Hall School

Judge Sharon Marchman Sheriff Jay Russell and children of Clara Hall

Quota International of Monroe is pleased to sponsor a Mock Trial for the Second Graders at Clara Hall School. It is never too soon for the children to learn about law enforcement and the Judicial System. Judge Sharon Marchman and Sheriff Jay Russell explained court procedure to the students and introduced them to the staff explaining the role of each person. Twelve students served as the jurors for the trial of Dorothy from Kansas presented by the Young Lawyers Association for the 4th Judicial Court of Ouachita Parish. They were seated in the jurors' box and were taken to the deliberation room and then returned to court to read the verdict when requested by Judge Marchman. While the jurors were deliberating their verdict, the remaining students were addressed by the Sheriff and the Judge and then entered into a question and answer session. The Judge asked the children how many of them wanted to be policemen, attorneys or Judges. Each student was presented a gift from the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Department, candy from the Wicked Witch, and a goodie bag from Quota as they exited the courtroom. Going through security to enter the courthouse was also an educational experience for them. Quota feels that this is an exciting opportunity for these underserved students and hopes that it will teach them to value and respect law enforcement and the laws of our country.

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November 9, 2012
Brenda Taylor

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Brenda Taylor
November 29, 2012

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